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Similar name scam (intervention needed)

So lately there is a very active scammer in Lugh. He creates new toons with names similar to trustworthy people in Lugh. I know otm stated that we just have to report them and those toons will be subject to the disciplinary procedure. I'm also pretty sure some smartass will say in this thread that you just have to make a bunch of lvl 1 toons similar to your name. Most clannies did that but some are still exposed to this kind of scam. Especially the fairly new players suffer from this. Isn't there a way to track his IP adress and give this person a perma ban?
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Re: Similar name scam (intervention needed)

Remove trading system, remove mailing system and this will remove the scamming. Make all items including quest and armor sets auctionable. Make frozen boots or edl gloves auctionable. This is the easiest way to remove scammers. No trade, no scam and all are happy.
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