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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

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World: Arawn
Disclaimer: Read through the whole thing
New Year's Goal: I actually have quite a few goals. My first resolution is to win this competition. Yes, that's right, win this competition. I know that seems a bit weird for a goal, but since I've just got onto the forum, I want to be more active, and so this will also be a part of that goal. Now, you might ask, how are you gonna do that lol? Well I'll tell you. I spent minutes upon minutes doing random things in random places of Dal Rita to get a good photo. In the end, I accidentally got a really heroic one. But anyways, I went on an adventure. I went from the ruins, to the castle. Lord Mac Lir was like, "Yo, I don't want to be on camera," so I left. I talked to Varney the guard and he told me he had to concentrate on guard duty. I mean, GUARD DUTY!!! His job is sort of just standing next to Lord Mac Lir. I just knew I had to help Varney the guard. He had to use his mind all day and night, and I knew it was tiring him. I tried talking more, but he kept on saying he had to concentrate on guard duty. I decided to make another goal to stop him from concentrating on guard duty, and relax a bit, while I filled in for him. Anyways, I went to Shalemont, and I started casting random spells and taking photos. A couple of the Connatch started making fun of me for taking selfies though! I can't believe it!!! I ran straight to Fingal's cave, but there were more Connatch there too. In an act of desperation, I started dancing in front of the soldiers at the Shalemont Castle. They kept on laughing at me. I took the camera and hid it from their view, and snapped one selfie at the almost very end of the dance. I took a look at the picture, and started to cry. It was so unbelievably heroic! I fast traveled back to the castle, and went to the secret library. There, I logged onto a computer, where I went onto the forum, and made this post. (More seriously though, even though the goals above are still legitimate) I want to expand my charm collection. I also want to grow my clan (It's called Cult), and have a lot more members. I want it to be a place where all players are welcomed, although also be on par with other clans such as Resurgence or Dragon Souls. I also have just got back into the game and want to level more and improve my character.
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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

My New Years resolution for in game: Win more competitions :).
IRL New Years resolution is: Help others more often and put full effort into everything.

World: Crom
Name: Beheadeth
Gl all.
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Re: New Year, New You Competition!


Resolution : help out more in clan, get a lvl 6 bunny and battlemount someday , have a unicorn for a mount, eventually reach a high level :lol: :) :)

P.s. i had nice luck making my bunny sit on me :lol:

Name : Marni
Class : 6 Druid
World : Rosmerta
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Re: New Year, New You Competition!

Name: Dark Kitty
World: Morrigan

My new years resolution is to be more generous and be a better person overall

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World: Morrigan
Clan: Avalon

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