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A Reminder About Trading

Hello Heroes,

We want to send out a quick reminder about scams and trades! We want to ensure that you have a great gaming experience, so we wanted to offer you some tips to help avoid these situations. Please make sure you are being absolutely cautious when trading with other players as you are may be held ultimately responsible for your trades.

Here are some tips to avoid a scam or suspicious trades:
  • What level is the account?
    • If the account is low-level, it is unlikely that this is a serious trade or one of your friends.
  • Did you double check the name?
    • Double-check the name of the account. Many scammers try to impersonate other players.
  • Is this trade too good to be true?
    • If it seems too good to be true, guess what, it is!
  • Am I trading something of equal value right now?
    • Make surer trades are complete at the time of completion. Coming back later to finish a trade doesn’t often happen.
  • Does this person want irl money via PayPal or are they trying to trade their full account?
    • Trading items for irl money or trading/gifting an account is against the Terms of Service. The account will be permanently banned.
  • Is this a cross-server trade?
    • These trades are risky. While not against ToS, they can lead to scams.

Again, we want to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe environment to game. Please be diligent and cautious when trading with other players. Trading with such accounts can lead to account wipes, bans or other actions taken on accounts to rectify the situation. Thanks and happy gaming!

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