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Re: Necro reseted by 1337

Shivahh wrote:
Bhodge96 wrote:Wut in tarnation

Welcome to sulis?

Sike rip sulis tbh
Provide the succ
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Re: Necro reseted by 1337

Zyz wrote:Sulis sounds nice and friendly

Haha, z come and remake moocows here
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Re: Necro reseted by 1337

Robert wrote:Retribution, including you, griefed all of our Necro this week. We also have evidence of you exploiting glitches to get out of zones.

Does that make you a hacker too?

Oh, and today’s griefing of the Necro that we killed included Maelee, Guppy and Kumell and many others. Complaining seems a lil’ hypocritical eh? Anyways, I’m sure this topic will get locked.

Oh no, Retribution griefed you at necro? You continue to reset Necro on us despite OTM giving a public warning. We have sent in MANY videos of your clan continuing to reset our necros after the public warning. OTM isn't doing anything to stop you, so sorry we decided to strike back? Lol. Funny, first time you get griefed back you say were being hypocritical complainers. If OTM won't take any action, we will. I prefer not griefing, but I have no issues fighting back if you continue to run through walls to reset our Necros. Sorry you live in your own world of twisted logic.
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