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CH Purely Pay To Win Gaming? Yes/No

Here's an opportunity for CH gamers to boast with the fortunes they've made outside of the platinum system.

In view of the current complaints about the new Jackpot Pet cutting an even greater divide between real money spenders and platinum-poor players...

Do you agree that Celtic Heroes is (in general) predominantly to pay to win?

On a personal note -Without revealing my secrets or sizing up my gold wallet-

Although Im a platinum user, Ive found that i can make (monthly) in excess of 2million in the gold currency Just by making use of in-game resources.

Can you beat that?

(Not to mention that none of my methods involves any killstealing or farming vital gear or armor-quest drops for resale.)

Naturally I vote NO. CH is not clean pay to win.

You can always depend on there being plat users with a supply of consumables for distribution (res idols, Chests, lixes and wotnot).

But the currency of exchange ingame (i.e. gold) is inexhaustible and plentiful to any type of Gamer. Which in itself is sufficient to enhance the gaming experience right upto endgame for non-plat buyers.
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Re: CH Purely Pay To Win Gaming? Yes/No

First of all, you have to change your definition on what is pay-to-win.

You are simply a non-buyer of plat. It has nothing to do with the fact that to play the end game, one needs plat items, which can only be bought, hence,. Pay-To-Win.

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Re: CH Purely Pay To Win Gaming? Yes/No

Avant Guarde wrote:Edited. one instance of play to 'win' in in Inital post fixed.

Is pay to play. Context Context Context


Pay to play and pay to win are two complete separate entities.
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