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Re: Carrowmore Carnage - Mini Event!

I guess all our feedback about the last boss spawn boost event fell on deaf ears. Yet again.

Plus on competitive servers, events like these favor dominant clans with a multitude of members even more and widen the power gap further.

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Re: Carrowmore Carnage - Mini Event!

I'm curious, so this obviously includes all legacies, dl and raids... but what about both weapon bosses and gold bosses??? I also agree with the comment above, remove phs or this event may be almost pointless for servers if they receive many phs.

Love the mini event tho and am very excited!! :)
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Re: Carrowmore Carnage - Mini Event!

I misread the beta and chicken pet thread and thought a new event was actually going to be included in next update....Do'h :cry: ...

Can we at least get a rough estimate of spawn times for the weekend?
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