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Selling a ton.


    Reaper Ring 6.5m


    Enforcers blue mask (125 hp/en) 50k


    Dagger of Slaying (100) 250k

    15/12/9% energy harps 100/75/50k

    12/9% hp horns offer 100/75k

    Ymir Spear 100k

    Ymir Scepter/Greatsword/Quaterstaff 75k ea

    Radiant Burnished Firestorm Rod (only 2 on server) 150k

    Imperial Banshee Blade 75k

Plat Items

    1xBP expansions 10k

    392 bracken the puppies 500 ea ._.


Shimmering Platinum Ostara Wig 350k

Sparkling Black Glenmor Wig 350k

Shimmering Black Ostara Wig 350k

Normal color smugg sets 15k ea

Black Phoenix crest 50k ea

Black Sanghal Wig 55k

Sparkling Black Archers hat 150k

Black Witch Mask 30k

Black Wyld Boots 60k

Blond Lanrik Wig 30k

blue archers hat 15k

blue huntsmasters mask 75k ea

blue party crown 75k ea

blue phoenix crest 30k ea

blue snowbringers festive hat 60k

blue garland 50k

blue top hat 30k

Boggan Icewalker Charm 40k

Boggan Scholar Charm 60k

Boggan Wyrdwalker charm 40k

Cerulean Tor Caith Faerie Charm 45k

Dark Pink Ostara Wig 30k

Ensorcelled Green Skull Mask 50k

Ensorcelled Purple Skull Mask 75k

Ensorcelled White Skull Mask 200k

Ethereal Purple Enchanted Armour Charm 150k

Ghostly Black Skull Mask 100k

Ghostly Purple Witch Mask 75k

Glistening Blue Sanghal Wig 80k

Glistening Orange Sanghal Wig 40k

Gold Ostara Wig 40k

Green FG top/legs/effectBoots 400k

Green Party Crown 45k

Green Sanghal Wig 30k

Green Stalkers Mask 60k

Morcas Dryan Charms 100k ea

Nightmasters (black smugg) Gloves 100k

Orange Ard Boots 40k

Orange fg boots/effect Top 200k

Orange Huntsmans mask 60k ea

Orange Party Crown 40k ea

Orange Phoenix Crest 25k ea

Orange Auroral Pants 25k

Orange Sanghal Wig 20k

Orange garlands 10k ea

pink fg boots 35k ea

pink huntsmans mask 40k

pink lugh 200k

pink party crown 40k ea

Pink Party hat 100k

pink phoenix crests 15k ea

Pink Garlands 10k ea

Purple Woa d500k

Purple fg no hat 700k

Purple huntmasters mask 100k

Purple phoenix crest 45k

Purple Sanghal gloves 40k

Purple Wyldwood Top 50k

Quickthorn Guardian Charm 100k

Radiant Dark Blond Ostara Wig 100k

Radiant Dark Brown Ostara Wig 100k

Radiant Light Brown Ostasra Wig 100k

Radiant Orange Wyld Hat 40k

Radiant Yellow Wyldwood Legs 60k

Red Woad 200k

Red Blazing Phoenix Crest 35k

Red FG Boots/Hat 40k

Red Huntsmans mask 35k ea

Red Lugh 175k

Red Party Crown 35k

Red Phoenix Crest 20k ea

Red Auroral set no hat 100k

Spirited Turquoise Duskgrow Guise 75k

Spirited White Duskgrow Guise 150k

Spooky Yellow Hunter Gloves 250k

Yellow Hunter Gloves 150k

Turq Ard Woad with boots/mask 400k

Turq Hunter Hat 175k

Turq Lanrik Pants 400k

Turq Party Crown 80k ea

Turq Sanghal 175k

Turq Stalkers Mask 100k

White Sanghal Bracers 80k

Yellow Woad 300k

Yellow FG top/gloves 150k

Yellow Party Crown 45k ea

Yellow Sanghal wig 15k ea

Yellow Spidersilk gloves/legs/top/effect boots 200k

Yellow Stalker's Mask 45k ea

Yellow Garland 10k ea

Yellow Wyld top 50k

Red Party Hat 80k[/list]
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Re: Selling a ton.

Check pm for offer on hp kite .-.
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