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'Hail, fellow living organisms!

My name is... Well, you can already see it so there's no need to write it down.

I would like to talk about... (seems everybody here is a telepathic from another dimension so y'all know it)

Purpose of this post is... well.. just passing time, right?

Anyways, to make this post interesting I would like to... it's tiresome isn't it?

Well let me... now this is getting repetitive, don't you think?

But with all due respect I'd like to say... but what is there to say?

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation, I hope I don't post something like this again :P.

The name's Shockira (No, I'm not a female, I know the name sounds.... resemblant) a druid around lvl 11 or whatever (Yes I made a couple of chars to become familiar with the game until I made my mind to make an incredibly handsome druid, which was minutes ago) on Dona, Danon, Donn or whatever that android server is called, can't really remember, looking forward to meeting anybody in-game/on forums, see y'all.

P.S: I couldn't really find a hybrid druid guide/build with a lil' more support-ish flavour, been looking for a bit, I would be grateful if anybody could PM me a link or a couple of tips. (Or if I get a classic "Owh noes, dat class type ain't gud make a pure support/dps/whatever type" then I would like someone to enlighten me with his incredible technocratic brilliance).
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Re: 'Hail, fellow living organisms!

he would be the best irl friend. he sounds funny. lol.
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