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Manual Inventory Sorting

I know that you used to be able to manually sort or arrange your inventory. I am not talking about filters but clicking and dragging items to from spot to spot in inventorys. After coming back from a very long break it was different. Now when you sort your inventory, if you can even mange to manually rearrange, it does not save it and goes back to how it was before.

Is there a reason this was changed? For people like me, who like to organize everything, it is quite annoying. And I don't want to hear the "use filters suggestion" things still won't be arranged how I would like.
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Re: Manual Inventory Sorting

Hope im not the only one I don't wanna seem awkward but my invo actually stays the same when I manually rearrange it, although the only thing I do is put my lixes in order at the top so I can quickly select another, same with restos and idols. Only thing that annoys me is when selecting an item to mail it's exactly the same as it use to be, no filters or anything just 3 selections of weapons armour and others and it's the same when I try to sell items to the vendor.

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