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Shadowstrike Tome

Hi guys! I've been killing for SS tome now for 2 weeks straight and no luck. As a matter of fact I noticed that not many tomes drop at all!! In the past you would get least some books in a run now it's like zero. Am I killling the right mobs?!!! Did something change with the updates?!!! Please help!!!

What mobs am I supposed to kill???? :(

Re: Shadowstrike Tome

The 4* lizards in Murky where also the Ancient Wyrm spawns. Shadowstrike has a really clairvoyant drop rate.
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Re: Shadowstrike Tome

Yep. I've farmed a lot and only got one shadow tome for each 1500 lvl85 4* lizards. About one shadow time per 30 books. Farming for an hour a day for two weeks and no tome had always been normal, that's why it sells for 100k on my world.

Any of the hawk mobs or zombies or lizards drop it, with 4* mobs having the best drop rate. Since hawks are mostly 1,2,3* and the zombies have lots of health the best place is the room of lvl85 4*.

Also the gold mini-boss lizard (ancient wyrm) and zombie (elder revenant) drop it as well as the 4,5 rings. The meteoric bosses that drop crystals don't drop anything else though.
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Re: Shadowstrike Tome

I agree it is inordinately hard to attain. It goes for 150-200k on Donn. Firestorm is almost as much but is more available bc of all the fairyland bosses having a chance dropping it
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Re: Shadowstrike Tome

I recently recieved one from a hawkhurst mob while i was farming them. I suggest farming the tome from hawkhursts because they drop hawkhurst chests too so you can gather some decent gold while farming the tome. Sell the chests to stonevale vendor or scavanger for 2k each. Good luck.

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