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Goodbye from Paulweller

For those of you who dont already know,I've left epona and moved to another world.
I've been on epona since 2011 and I've made some good friends.
I've given a lot of my white fashion to sqirrelnut and I've sold a lot of my stuff but i still have some stuff left to sell or to give away so kik me on pwepona if you want anything.
Underground will still be around,one of the clan will be chief.
Thanks for the memories....it's been fun.
Perhaps I'll return some day.
Have fun.

Re: Goodbye from Paulweller

I haven't been here for long, but you are one of the most helpful people I've ever met in 5 years of CH. What do you have left on your toon?
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Re: Goodbye from Paulweller

Aww, sorry to see you go pw. Hope you have a better experience on your next server.
Thank you so much for all the good times in UG and beyond :)
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