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Re: Playing Without Platinum

Furyion wrote:I am a non plat, and I have reached endgame once(190), but didn't level further. In my spare time I was a merchant, and became lughs richest player. But I've rarely been on since the new engine, I'm pretty much inactive now.

Wow congrats, to compete with the people who buy plat and still be the number one merch is awesome
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Re: Playing Without Platinum

I've been playing for 4 years and got my Ranger on iOS to 220 (though I was inactive on it for about 2 years after engine update). I didn't start spending plat till I started on android and at that time my ranger on ios was 181. When I got back to iOS I believe I started buying at 210+.
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Re: Playing Without Platinum

You can now get in-game platinum for free by fishing. Occasionally fishing chests will have 5 plat inside. I think I've got around 25 plat so far. It's not fast to obtain or a significant amount, but for players that don't buy any it is enough to buy some hot bar slots or bank expansions.
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Re: Playing Without Platinum

Don't play anymore, but I did spend quite a lot on plat especially in 2014/2015.

It depends on how much time you have to waste on the game really, if you're happy spending hours grinding for gold then don't buy plat. But if you don't have much time due to studies/work/family commitments, you're better off spending plat to actually enjoy the game.

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Re: Playing Without Platinum

I now am a regular plat buyer but i got to lvl 200 without buying plat, and wouldve easily gotten to 215 without plat, however i did eventually buy big amounts of it. I am an old player so majority of my gold was made from selling a lotta rare old stuff, made a few mill then made big trades which ended in profit for me, if you dont buy plat id 100% reccomend learning how to trade effectively, really helps, and i personally made a lot from it. Same goes even if your not an old player, learn how to trade, spot a bargain etc and youll rack in gold. Remember: Be patient!

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