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Re: Fishing Beta - Update

Sneakylistia wrote:New client not available on uk playstore still saying spring beta

Android is still being worked on just be patient :p

EDIT: Although out definitions of "a few minutes more" do differ and I'm getting curious myself
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Re: Fishing Beta - Update

Sneakylistia wrote:Nearly four hours since I posted whats happening muldar?

They've uploaded it and now we are just waiting for the play store to update. In the beta section of the forums he briefly updated us. Doesn't normally ever take his long though.
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Re: Fishing Beta - Update

Fishing hmm,... will i be able to make an unique sword out of the spine of a rare super fish,... or is it only to slap your fellow clanmate in the face and soften the boredom ?
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Re: Fishing Beta - Update

I got Muldar's email but nothing from TestFlight yet.
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