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Sanctuary vs. Wards

I've been reading to the druids posts now for a while and found a lot of interesting tips and advices. Bees vs Vines, roots vs winds, bark vs sanctuary, etc. etc.

I was wondering how the wards could be compated with sanctuary. Asume you have bark and sanctuary maxed on a tank would that be comparable with giants/soldiers and or assasins combined with fire/ice/magic? You probably can not max all wards but just as a thought?

I never used any of those skills, mostly been solo/duo lvlin for now, but i want to change my stats to a more allround hybrid support type druid. Im now at lvl 164 but will hit 165 and get my DL leggs that have +5 sanctuary, is it worth it?

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Re: Sanctuary vs. Wards

Depends on the mobs your going up against. If your going up against an elemental mob (example 160 event dragon or Mordi pit wyrms) that also has an auto attack, you'd want bark and the ward opposing their damage (Ex. Fire for the event boss, Ice for last events monolith, magic for 190 EDL). If your up against a physical mob (Ex. 160/6 DL, 170 DL) you'd want bark and the ward opposing their damage (crush ward for 160/170 DL)

The above is if your simply just healing a tank, now if your up against a mob with undirectional AOE's, and you are in a group, not just healing one guy, I would choose sanctuary and cast it before the mob uses said AOE. If any other situations, as in a group but with a directional AOE, it should always be a ward.

In most cases wards are indeed the greater between the two. The only reason sanctuary is used more often is because it's multipurpose and you don't have to reskill wards everytime to meet the opposing damage.
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Re: Sanctuary vs. Wards

Well, I am actually a Sanctaury fan.
Certainly not a primary skill but far better than any Ward skill.

First, there are SIX (6) different Ward skills, not one, SIX.
This is important because it is rare that bosses do more than two different types of damage.
This means that roughly 60% of the time your Ward skill is worthless no matter how good it is.


Sanctuary although not fantastic works 100% of the time.
I use it for my... "O...crap" moments when my heals have fallen behind.
It has sometimes been just enough to keep the tank from dying before my next heal hits him.
Sanctuary is instant so it is the fastest heal skill.

I also use it when I have multiply mobs interrupting my casting.
Soloing I can get a Sanctuary off and then around two more skills before it fails.
So helping with interruptions is very nice.

And it also can take the edge off an AoE if you can time it right. Necro is a perfect example.

So for me, compared to any current Ward skill it is a clear winner.
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Re: Sanctuary vs. Wards

I'm not much of a Druid but after speaking with my clan's best Druid he said that he really likes sanctuary, here's his thoughts;

I like it because it allows me fill a gap between natures touch. I don't max it but have it high enough for the 1 or 2 of the bosses autos to be void (depending on boss).

There ya have it, it's also aoe which really helps with bosses' aoe attacks such as tribal blade on DL boggan bosses. DL armour (forget which component) adds +5 to it so you may aswell have it hot barred if you have that eq.
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Re: Sanctuary vs. Wards

It really depends on the boss or bosses you most often go to. If you can get Sanctuary and 1 Ward the better you are.

Crush ward vs. Hrung/Snorri or Magic Ward vs Unox makes life a hell of a lot easier for a druid. Same with Cold Ward vs last event bosses, or Slash ward vs Proteus.
On everything else, Sanctuary is your "quick" spell to get some more time to get a heal off.

But if you're only leveling right now, wards aren't worth the points atm. Spend it on bark/wind.

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