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Scammer coming to danu buying toons

Sorry I didn't want to retype this for a danu version. Please give it a read. Don't allow filth like this in endgame clans.
A dude named [Blank] is on arawn but originally from herne. He's got toons named [Blank] on herne and the account he sold named [Blank]. He did the stupid dice bets and at a point did pay up and gained trust of people by making 5m etc deals. He got too hungry though. He seemed like An adult and though it doesn't concern me I'll briefly explain. He sold his account named [Blank] to his closest friend with the catch he had no access to the email(I know, you're all wondering why a person would buy an account with not having the email). His friend got some very expensive Lux on it and started to level the toon. 2 days ago I was told by him he couldn't log on. He saw his bought toon named [Blank] unequipping gear and at the mail box lol. Anyway, my point is though it very much the buyers fault it was also a douche bag scam. This person is trying to level to endgame on arawn and I've heard is currently 130-140 and is named [Blank]. He is also looking to xfer fast to a new server danu from herne and buy some 227 warrior named [Blank]
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