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Re: What would you do with 2000 chests?

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:I've never been into merching because your pretty much ripping people off for your own cause. I do, however, dice every now and then.

Your providing liquitidy to the marketplace through the means of buying and selling.

I dice a lot too but it is not a steady stream of income I have had some nasty hits and have paid out all of em because I am reputable and it helps when u always keep above 40mil in gold.

I would personally not recommend people too host dice because I have seen to many hosts wipe out only host if you can afford to lose money and for god sakes don't scam people it's already dicey (pun intended) as it stands

If I had 2000 chests I'd dice in 1 pot lmao

Re: What would you do with 2000 chests?

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:What color is the rarest one? The rarest I've seen was the white :lol:

It's a steely one, so it looks like....steel... personally I think it looks to similar to the second rarest? I just like the purple and black ones :D
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