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Racist player

So I was playing as usually but then i found a character naming himself (allahu akbar) I was shocked to see that name I tried to under stand why did he named himself that but he said for no reason and a lot of people kept asking him the same question but he keep block them as he is hemulating Muslim religion I don't want such an awesome game to be that way so as a respectable player I ask the Celtic heroes staff to please bann this player
The player is in taranis world
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Re: Racist player

Is the player saying things that are anti muslim or make the religion look bad? All their name means is god is great, which in itself is innocent ynless the player is saying other things in game
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Re: Racist player

I tried to ask him why did he named himself that but he says for no resion and keep arguing about it a lot of people told me the same thing and the word allahu Akbar is close enough to be a hemulating religion meem I've seen it alot

Re: Racist player

You're over reacting.

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Re: Racist player

It isn't racist to insult a religion, if it was then internet dwelling atheists would be the most racist people on the planet. :lol:

Plus his name says "God is the greatest" which isn't an insult in my book.
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