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Re: Design A Celtic Heroes Themed Easter Egg! - Win Platinum

My Easter egg entry :3 sorry about the weapons being blurred, hard to keep them good quality when we have no large sized icons of them.
- Dynamit3 from Epona
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Dynamit3 - 223 Rogue
Dynamit5 - 217 Ranger
Dynamit4 - 220 Warrior
Dynasaur - 156 Mage
Dynamit1 - 158 Druid

Re: Design A Celtic Heroes Themed Easter Egg! - Win Platinum

I Made My Egg Dressed In Warrior Clothes With The Plaid And Big Medal Shoulder Gear, And Then Tried To Draw A Celtic Dragon Sword Coming Out Of A Crack In The Egg. I Personally Think It's Quite EGGSCELENT. Baiiiiiiii :P
Level:87(out of everybody's league)
Egg Competition.jpg
Egg Competition.jpg (152.68 KiB) Viewed 3754 times
Applebloom :shock:

Re: Design A Celtic Heroes Themed Easter Egg! - Win Platinum


Here is my entry:
IGN : Ritualist
Class: Druid
Server: Balor

Let me introduce you Mordris sister in law, his/her eggkeeper.
This dragon's egg are hidden behind the gold mountain in mordris pit, and noone ever came close to it as this Royal-cobra-dragon-anythingelse bite with deadly poison :)
The egg itself is set with black gem and a tear of his mother at the top, thanks to his royal family!

spooky easter :lol:

drawing with pencil and then inked, no photoshop this time or PC modification this time :twisted: all natural 8-)

first is the scan of the drawing:

second is the an original photo of the drawing ( i did it caus i find that my printer suck...blacks are blurry...)

Enjoy ;)

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