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New player

Hi. My name is Charles and I started playing 5 days ago. I am on Donn server. I have 2 characters so far; a level 43 ranger and a level 94 ice mage. I sometimes hang out in the castle or I am leveling in Carrowmore somewhere. This isn't my first MMO. I started playing Dungeon Siege in 1999 with a character named Sela Aragon so I decided to bring her along with me! I generally level solo but I'm up for questing in groups. Eventually, I plan on switching to PVP but I won't be doing that until I am prepared properly. I am not a "purist" RPG player as I do spend money and take shortcuts. Nice to meet everyone!
Ice Mage Sela Aragon.
Donn Server

Re: New player

Yeah she is 3/2 focus/vitality with not a single point in str or dex. I have nothing invested in healing skills as I run 2000 sigils and use regen elixers and potions for combat healing. I am dumping everything into ice attunement, ice shards, iceblast, freeze, lure of ice etc. Once those are all 30/30 then I might consider ice shield.
Ice Mage Sela Aragon.
Donn Server

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