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Re: Serious Question to Endgame "DEX" Rangers

WHITExLOTUS wrote:Why level solo when I have friends big guy? I choose not to lvl solo anymore. I lvled solo till 190. From 175. Wasn't as expensive due to me hardly ever using resto.

Again - blindly replying without even reading what I wrote.
"Big guy" ???
Should I start calling you "little guy"?
Please don't try to push my buttons.

And to answer your question - because of time zone difference maybe?
And btw "good job". Levelling solo for a whole 15 levels. That must have been reeeeaaaal hard.
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Re: Serious Question to Endgame "DEX" Rangers

Late to this post.. But I have a maxed lh healing for 1300hp and get kills on necro. Quite often.

Other bosses like the event horse - mages win
Uno- a toss up between rangers and rogues
Angie and Crag- ice mages

So to answer your question you can't really determine if dex rangers are capable of out damaging a rogue. Every boss is different, which makes different classes useful, otherwise everyone would just play rogues because of how fun shadow strike is. I've tried different builds and like the one I've currently had for awhile now and win my fair share of fights against well outfitted rogues and mages alike, but like some others have said, everyone finds their niche and the build they like so to each his/her own.
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Re: Serious Question to Endgame "DEX" Rangers

(Sorry not reading 9 pages of replies)

To the op:

It's very VERY rare that any class gets the kill over xNUKEGURLx when she's online, let alone a Dex ranger, I can't see a way that a Dex ranger could get the kill over any rondel rogue... I recently changed from 2k Str 5 Dex to (roughly) balanced Str/Dex, and lost over 500 damage (about 10% when fully buffed - including quiver skill) and only gained a small amount of attack.

I did gain about 1000 heal points to my light heal, which was the only reason I changed my stats.

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Re: Serious Question to Endgame "DEX" Rangers

"going dex" also doesn't necessarily mean using dex based skills for dps, daledo. Could simply mean choosing more attack rather than having a slightly higher amount of pierce damage (I'd recommend to some extent if you spend a lot of time doing necro and/or don't have 200-400 dex from gear)
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