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Re: 1-221*UPDATED*

If you have all the lux i recommended no Vit will be needed just upgrade strength
Add vit now and keep it around 2k by level 100 then strength
Keep Vit at 2-2.5k and lots of strength
Now is the time to switch to dex not only giving you more attack but defense also stats should be 2-2.5k vit and all dex

I am Level 74 with Hero ammy and Ice Trident i have Strength of 95(150) Dex of 145 (190) 10 Focus and 135 Vit giving me 1069 Health.
the skill i use are QS 20/20 Sneaky 20/20 Riposte 34/20 and i always had left over for SS if i ever got it but someone told me to but the leftover 16 points into FastReflexes,and when i use it i dont notice any diffence in the amount of damage im taking.

What am i doing wrong? :(
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lvl 120+ Rogue123abc Herne

Re: 1-221*UPDATED*

Good question! Fast reflexes does not reduce the amount of damage taken actually, what it does is increase you defence, the higher defence you have the MORE you will be able to dodge an opponents auto attack, so it will reduce the amount of hits you take and not the amount of damage :)
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Re: 1-221*UPDATED*

Ok,so i was doing a bounty that took me to murky vaults,very luckily the mob i needed for the bounty dropped SS.though i don't have enough skill points to max SS QS sneaky rip and reflex. will it always be like this or will i be able to have 5 skills maxed. Also now that i have SS and it uses Dex,how should my stats start looking.
lvl 120+ Ranger123abc Herne
lvl 120+ Rogue123abc Herne

Re: 1-221*UPDATED*

Large content update coming(Yule)-

When Yule comes I will completely update the guide to include the new luxury items and boss loot.(which include Ostara, Samhain and Yule)

I will also be updating the guide on how to level in the revamped stonevale.

I will attempt to include the long promised photos which I never have time for, summer holidays hitting Australia in 3 weeks so I might finally have some time.

Included will be a detailed post on WHAT to buy with your plat and how to spend it wisely.

This was a solo guide originally but I will now include different techniques to group levelling.

I will give advice on dual devicing with rogue and any other class.

Will provide links to other guides and videos I believe will help for certain things in parts of the guide.

Give what I believe to be optimum sigil requirements for each level.

Camping tips and techniques for locking 4* bosses(important for edl due to high rune drops from Unox 4*, less so on dl)

List of different builds and skills to use on bosses.

Levelling in Arcane Sanctum.

Tips for killing stone bosses with minimal players.

Advice for Gelebron builds and fighting.

Don't be afraid to pm me or post on here if you have any valuable contributions to the guide :)

But I won't accept second hand knowledge. For example If you are a 150 rogue giving advice on a 170+ levelling build I can't accept your information as correct until you have experienced it yourself.

Thanks- Friddo
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Re: Levelling Guide 1 to 221, revamp coming soon

Thinking about trying a new layout, instead of saying levels and listing all the zones you can level in at that level how about I list the zones and at which levels you should level there?

For example now it is, 20-30: you can either train at dustwither catacombs towards the back room, you can level across the bridge from MacRoin encampment on the Shalmont soldiers or you can go to fingals cave and level on the rats OR

Lirs Reach
1-6 kill mobs following quest line- darkfells to wolves to crookback soldiers
10-20 start at flint blades until level 12 then move to skullcrushers in the medow until level 15, move to the north peninsula skullcrushers and stay there until level 20.
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