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Rawr* DamnStraight is back

heya all long time no see, ima be trying to find out all i want to buy/sell over the next while if u know of any awesome rogue items that have been added during my 2 years hiatus lmk (lvl 156).
Server: LUGH
Damnstraight lvl 223 Rogue (main)
Lyanna lvl 195 Mage
GlowInTheBow lvl 162 Ranger
Glowstaff Druid (currently levelling)

Name for any necessary reasons in signature no need to ask for me to add to post (just read signature :/ )

Re: Rawr* DamnStraight is back

Welcome DS! Another Old Hobbs Gen is back!

If you need anything pls tell me, i will do the possible to help ya!

And do not forget: "Dont Sell your old stuffs for The Old Price", it Worth a lot now!

Nice to see you again.


World: LUGH
Clan: Gen. of TheHobnobbers
Class: Mage
Name: Daw
Level: 191

be cool, I'm good people

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