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Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

Chronus wrote:On an axe build would it be viable to use aggy damage rings in place of skill rings? Due to hitting about every single second I wonder if the added damage from the aggy rings would beat regular grands or royals.

I wouldn't. With mob resistence you're only looking at 20 to 35 extra points of dmg. I suppose you could do 3 or 4 if they 45 to 50 dmg each. I loved axe offhand or trident offhand but typically used skill rings or stat rings
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Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

What Zyz said. Unless you have no access to Druid DPS rings, damage rings aren't worth it. Damage rings are really only good if you're full on melee damage with an aggy trident and lots of attack.

The idea behind an axe offhand is extra damage which is handy when your skills miss. Doing some damage is better than no damage.

Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

Bossdude wrote:When and where will I get storm touch skill. I am lvl 60 and I'm doing the wardens and trying to get natures breath... I have a partner but it's not the best partner to have because I duel device and it's a ranger. Is this a good partner, and where do I get storm touch?

Check out: celtic heroes <dot> net
Description: Call the fury of nature upon an enemy that you touch, dealing up to X damage.
Class: Druid 
Obtain: Reward for completing the Red Book Skill quest.

Red Book Skill Quest

Each class has a Red Book skill quest that starts in Farcrag castle when you are level 45....

Class Quest Giver Skill Pages
Druid Eavan the Druid Storm Touch Manuscript of Creginus

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Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

For leveling past 140.
First off finish leveling at boggans. What I mean is the last boggans you should be leveling/lixing on are the black ones outside in the hallway of the high priest / king spawns. Since they don't drop anything, aside from their standard gold drop, I say move from here when you feel comfortable about leveling on blogs. So, leveling locations will be:
Level 133-138: Red Boggan cave
Level 138-140: Warbeast trainer cave (if you don't like Xp rates here just skip to green boggans in hallway)
Level 140-142: Green Boggan cave (if these are difficult then yellow boggans in hallway)
Level 142-147: Yellow Boggan cave
Level 147-152: Blue Boggan Cave
Level 152-157: Black Boggan Cave
Level 157-160: Boggan hallway by Priest/King
Level 160-163 Blogs north of leystone
OR start making the giant loop at the bridge (don't head deeper in yet)
Level 163-167 More Blogs (either in caves or using traveling elixirs to stay in the hallway's for lower star mobs)

Alright, now you're making the push to 170. So, you think you're tired of Blogs? Yeah, me too. So, here we move to the 4 star trolls at the leystone. If you don't like them, too bad. Out of all other lixing locations I've found trolls and moving down the hallway from there to give favorable Xp rates over blogs. So, this will look like.:

Level 170-176 follow the trolls from the leystone (killing only those that are your level or up to 2 levels above you)

The reason for only up to 2 is that the level damage reduction starts to become increasingly significant.

Level 176-179 red lizards at the end of troll hallway
Level 179-180 snorri pit

I've also been compiling random samples of drops and find the red 4 * lizards to have same/similar sellable drop rates as blogs/trolls, with their highest value drop being worth 10k. With about 3-8 of these drops per level, along with about 1k gold per lix.

Hope this helps.
Note: I'm a root build druid, and have only changed build for 1 necromancer fight (literally changed my build for 15 min for support) other than that never used any other builds. Currently level 179, and making final push to level 180.
As far as gear, you should be using ancient beast bone or full dl at 170 (you should have shards from leveling), and jewelry should also add some extra vit to withstand those massive 2k troll hits. My base stats are currently 260 vit (boosted to 470 from jewles) and rest is focus, with my total with jewels boosting it to 1100. Once you can get dl armor you should be using it.

Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

I keep hearing and seeing these builds for people who have said items and skills that if you are one of the unfortunate ones, you don't exactly have access to... I was fortunate myself to receive stinging swarm from a clan mate... So i am working on a Drunk build for those of us who get bored very easily with root and blast method (on-the-run method if root fails)... Drunk = Druid+Tank...

So far it's been pretty fun testing the capabilities of this build while constantly moving up the levels and trying 2 mobs, then 3, 4, etc.

The basis for this build is this:

Str. 10 (don't like the base 5 xD)
Dex. 30 (a little extra evasion for skills)
Vit. 100 (gotta have the health for tanking)
Foc. Everything else
Hands: Flint Icon (recently; Before: Better Stonevale Vendor Totem) and Shield of Valour (Farcrag Luxury Vendor)
Gear: Hodgepodge of Main quest, and Duskshadow but more recently Darkshadow w\Dusk legs and chest
Rings: Bless +1, Swarm +3, Harvest +4, and some ring that gives +10 heat resist (fighting effigies lately)
Neck: couldn't tell ya... +41 health? I think...
Charm: Mainquest item

Main skills:
Shield of Bark
Bless (received it as a gift from player)
Howling Winds
Nature's Embrace
Strangling Vines
Stinging Swarm

Additional skills:
Nature's Touch
Energy Harvest (bought)
Calm (for party tanking)

Alloting points:
Shield of Bark - just enough to keep dmg received under Nature's Embrace Health regen

Nature's Embrace - currently running it at 11 or 12 for sustainability at 4*s in 70's mobs

Bless - keeping it even with Bark for skill and spell dodging

Strangling Vines and Stinging Swarm - I keep them at about the same level so as to not burn through my energy too quickly so I have to stop less in between mobs

Howling Winds - I put points enough into it to keep myself at about a 60\40 dodge ratio so I'm not constantly being interrupted

Nature's Touch - only 3 points on it so far so I'm getting the most out of my other skills but enough to heal a sizeable portion of my health for emergency sustain

Energy Harvest - base 1 point but using a +4 ring for longer fights and longer runs through mobs

Calm - Haven't quite used it much so keeping it at a base 1 point for now

Here's how it works so far for soloing:
Constantly casting when about to run out - Bark, Bless, Embrace... (also meditate Lv1 for the extra regen in between mobs)
Cast order - Winds, Vines, Swarm
After that just auto-attacking

For fighting multiple mobs at once:
Winds, change target, vines, change target, Auto-attack, then once they are grouped together Swarm, change to target 2 Winds, change target 3, Vines, Swarm, and just rotate through those three skills making sure each target has both DOTs and Winds on them and auto-attacks will do the rest

When soloing multiple mobs don't forget to keep the buffs up and start using Touch if you get below half health... Auto-attacks will be less frequent but they add a little extra dmg in between spell casts

When Tanking for a partner\party... Your Embrace, Vines, and Swarm is sufficient to pull plenty of aggro granted no warrior uses taunt... If aggro is pulled from you simply cast calm on the toon pulling and voila you're tanking again... While still in the 40's was tanking Lizards in Murky Vaults keeping aggro from Lv.95 Warrior even though my DOTS were doing only 3-8 dmg... Even soloed 1*Lv.90 Zombie at Lv.46 without using pots

If things get really shakey and I need some extra dmg\aggro, I'll use shadow gear special

Any advice for items or build tweaks for later levels would be much appreciated... But please remember if giving advice, I'm going for a Tank-Sustain build
"The druid needs to be able to support himself and his companions in any situation. This is the life he chooses for himself."
-Erilaz MacFenaris

Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

GhostLord wrote:Hello fellow Druids!

Some lower level druids have been asking for a guide, so i decided to make one.

This guide is focused on levels 1-140 and is for DPS and hybrid druids(with a small support section) Hope it helps. :D

The Rules of Druiding.

When playing as a druid, whether it be leveling or bossing, there are a few rules you should always follow.

Your Partner/Tank's life is more important than your own. The reason for this is that if the aggro comes off the tank, then you/other group members will die also, take a sacrifice and use your heals on the tank. Tell your group if an add is attacking you.

Heal everyone. If there are 3 other people in your group, and one of them is low and it's not the tank, check to make sure the tank is OK health wise, then heal the other person.

Try to not let an add attack you. Constantly be looking around to be sure you aren't to near an add, as it is annoying for your partner to have to aggro it, it also wastes time.


As a Druid, you need 2 stats, focus and vitality, there is a basic ratio of 3 focus to 2 vit, but it really just depends on your situation, for example, when leveling with a hybrid warrior, you might want less vit and more focus because warriors have higher health, but if you're leveling with a mage, you may want to invest in more vit because the mage might lose aggro. If you have any questions about specific situations, PM myself or any of the other druids and we'll try to answer you.


This section will explain the support side of druids.

As a support druid, your play style should completely change. You can't defend yourself and you have to have a partner to level.
The best build for support is to max Touch, Bark, Embrace, and then either Abundance, or Natures Breathe if your group needs more heals.
Leveling should be done with at least 2 other DPS classes, as you need to be able to kill fast without your DPS.

Be sure to always have bark(and abundance if you have it) on the main tank, and embrace on other DPS characters, this will make sure that everyone has good survivability.


For an overview of all skills, look here viewtopic.php?f=48&t=47768
However, I'll only be going over the main skills we'll be using.

Strangling Vines: Arguably our best DPS skill, also our best DOT skill, has an average cool down and high energy cost. When using, this should be the first thing you cast on an enemy.
Lightning Strike: The Druid's 2nd most damaging one time skill, has an average cool down and an average energy cost. This is good for finishing off a kill.
Storm Touch: Our best one time damage skill, above average energy cost, and very high cool down. Good for finishing off a kill.
Shield of Bark: A skill that increases your armor, which will result in less damage, this has an average cool down and average energy cost, useful when leveling with mages, but is good with an class.
Nature's Embrace: A skill that gives a heal over time, has an average cool down and energy cost, this is good when enemies do damage faster than you can heal.
Nature's Touch: Our principle skill, the best heal in the game, this skill has an average cool down and energy cost, is useful for keeping you/your partner from dying.
Howling Wind: A skill that decreases the attack of an enemy, making it harder to hit you.
Now that you know about the skills, lets move on to some builds.


Hybrid One: Max Vines, then Touch, then Bark, then Lightning. Good for leveling with any class.
Hybrid Two: Max Touch, then Bark, then Embrace, then Vines. Good for leveling with people with low hp.
DPS One: Max Vines, then Lightning, then Storm, then either Bark or Touch, Bark if you have lux, Touch if not.
DPS Two(not recommend unless you have high regens): Max Vines, then Lightning, then Storm, then Swarm(which i didn't talk about, see the link i put above).
Wind Build: After about level 125, you can start to use wind builds. For this, you want to drop 50 points from both focus and vit so that you can put them into dexterity. After that, max Wind, Vines, Lightning, and then, if you can use restos, storm, if not use touch.
Of course, these are not the only builds, feel free to play around with different skills and stats to fit your needs.


Gear is very important for druids, we need all the boosts we can get. So here is my recommended gear:

When at a lower level, use the gear you gain from the main storyline(meadowsun) as it is much better than anything you will gain from mobs. DO NOT buy ANY gear from shops or anywhere else. Once you get to level 60, begin with the warden's armor quests, try to get into a clan that will give you your basic frags(moon, sun, oak).
As far as lux, rings, and jewelry in general go, i suggest saving up for a Master Grimiore, however you may find it better to buy a heroic ammy(also, buy from players, not the store, it's much cheaper.). The skills you should get rings for is: Natures Touch, Shield of Bark, Natures Embrace, and Lightning strike. Don't buy rings, wait until you can go to bosses and try and win one. The only good braces are the lux ones, so don't worry about getting good ones. Charms are the same deal.

Places to Level

These are my recommended places to level. Second options are in blue(thanks to DontHate)

1-18, follow the storyline until it drops you off here.
18-24. Dustwither Catacombs, starting with mobs near the first ley, then skeletons near the second once you're around 21.
25-50. Shalemont Ravine, start with mobs east of the first ley, then the mobs west of it. Move on to greygorge, then finally river.
50-60, level on the southern road wisps in stonvale
60-70, level in the in the stonevale grove, take farm ley west, kill wisps and horses.
70-78, Level on the druids closest to the OW portal.
85-95, zombies
78-95, eyes in the OW, reds, then green, then purple, then blue. pirates, first regular, then island then, near captain
95-100, red trees in the OW. Spiders
100-103,continue killing spiders
103-120, The green and grey trees in OW.
120-133, kill grey boggans, found east of Tribal Tunnels
133-138, kill Red boggans found east of Tribal Tunnels
Note that if you have a partner, you can level on any level mobs, so long as they are near the level of the mobs.

I hope this guide has helped answer any questions, PM me if you have any other questions. If you have anyways i could improve the guide, please let me know.


this is useful but i wil admit i find it hard to play druid the skills im goin to use natures embrace strangling vines natures touch and possibly bark armour is this a good idea or a bad idea
i may suck but you try and try again and never give up

penvro lv112 ranger- most likly going to retire soon
glyniss derbody lv59 rogue
soon to create a druid

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