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Letting weaker players win endgame bosses

The lock system has resulted in ridiculous outcome as far as end game bosses are concerned. Today we have a full group of level 220 plus at hrung. We were outlocked by a group of 180 plus from rival clan. At level 220 plus we can only lock hrung when it is 50% down. But the rival clan was able to lock it at 25%. I think this is wrong that otm allows an endgame boss to be had by a group that is so much weaker. This rival clan has deliberately stayed at those levels to outlock us at Dl bosses and now at hrung. So by levelling up to be able to kill edl bosses and later gelebron, we are now penalised at hrung and possibly mordy later on. Otm needs to review this stupid lock system. It is way overdone.

Re: Letting weaker players win endgame bosses

Big +1 on this i totally understand haveing target lock on lower level bosses but when it comes to dl and endgame there shouldn't be any target lock when the drops are game changers. I've seen these threads many times and otm never responds to them well for me i demand a response here... Look at snorri for instance we have a endgame clan that has many people that need dl mh and oh still even after we dominated troll for a year! Lol how can We get these people edl weapons they need to kill gelebron when they don't have dl mh and oh? We are penilized for spending countless hours leveling and spending plat items while others who stay put and don't get a advantage at game changing bosses. It's absoulty absurd and ik for a fact there are thousands of endgame players on all servers who are more and more feed up and pissed. So please otm explain how this helps the game :evil:

Re: Letting weaker players win endgame bosses

This is why I'm not leveling my ranger and rogue past 190 and have them completely luxed out.

Our 220 tank has issues keeping aggro because of level differences with clan mates so we have a tank that has taken the time to level up and is penalized for doing so. I don't quite understand the logic
Zyz 220 Druid
Noah Fences 220 Rogue

Re: Letting weaker players win endgame bosses

The tank aggro issue is another very stupid thing. I have a level 212 tank with 18k hp and a godly mord taunt brace that raises aggro by 2k. I was out taunted at the lirs 200 6 event boss by a level 170 tank from rival clan.... As he pulled his aoe flame attacks towards my dps clanmates wth is that? Talk about ridiculous :roll: all otm doing with this is making game worse it needs to be scrapped now.... Still waiting on that response I'll hold my breath till I turn green :mrgreen:

Re: Letting weaker players win endgame bosses

Lock system has no place in this game. Those that do most dps to a boss should receive the drops. A major revisit of this is overdue. At the very least end game and dl/edl bosses should be exempt. Otherwise, the more you progress in this game the harder it gets to get bosses against competitors. This is against any logic. The more you progress the easier it should be. Can an OTM rep please post a response here. Specifically, are there any plans to reevaluate/remove lock system?

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