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What if all bosses were as punctual as the 200 event dragon?

I'm really enjoying this event's level 200 dragon. Not primarily because of the drops, which are meh, but because it spawns within a 15-minute window of it's 6 hour timer.

What if other bosses like say, Snorri, were so consistent? Man, that would be nice!

    Example: Snorri would spawn somewhere between 1:45 and 2 hours.
    So if you begin camping 1 hr, 45 mins from last kill, the longest you would need to wait is 15 minutes!

    I'm not sure what his current average spawn time is, so this is just an example.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather be running around and killing things than just sitting there waiting for a boss to spawn for 30-45 minutes, or even more.

If all bosses (or at least most) spawned within a 15-minute window or so, it would mean less camping time and more competition killing these bosses.
Sounds good to me.

EDIT: i am not suggesting changing spawn time variables on major raid bosses like hrung, mord, etc. Just referring to bosses that spawn multiple times per day; particularly dl and edl bosses.

What do you guys think?

    I am aware that in one of the early versions of CH there was no spawn time variable. All bosses simply spawned on an exact timer. Like 2 hours, 3 hours, whatever.

    I definitely wouldn't want that again, as i think some variability makes it interesting. However, a 1-hour spawn variable or whatever just seems like too much.

Edit: I added a suggestion for this in Feedback and Suggestions, so if you like or dislike the idea please comment there:
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Re: What if all bosses were as punctual as the 200 event dra

Bitey wrote:
Kril wrote:However, a 1-hour spawn variable or whatever just seems like too much.

Snorri actually has a set spawn time, but he keeps hitting the snooze button on his alarm clock. That's why his spawn time is variable.

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Re: What if all bosses were as punctual as the 200 event dra

I would love it - right now Snorri has about a 1 hour spawn window which is ridiculous. You have to camp it for 60 minutes and then get extremely frustrated when a 4 star pops.

Make them spawn with a shorter window like 15 minutes. Clans can set up their best dps groups of 8 to have a lock battle (which can be pretty fun). Plus, it can add some strategy - e.g. if several bosses are all set at the same time, you have to decide which you want.

Re: What if all bosses were as punctual as the 200 event dra

Zendroid wrote:maybe OTM can just text you all when the snori is getting ready to spawn.

remember what some of you old timers would post to the noobs.... camp...camp...camp.

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Old timers remember set spawn times

I think it's a step in the right direction for otm on how the current event boss spawns
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Re: What if all bosses were as punctual as the 200 event dra

I figured it out in 24 hours of the event going live and had been enjoying camping free of others.

it is so short we have cleared adds in advance many times which is silly compared to the 2 hours I've waited at gara spider etc...
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Re: What if all bosses were as punctual as the 200 event dra

admin wrote:Hi the main reason we changed from fixed spawn timers to random ones was that there were a lot of complaints from players about kill stealing. However now we've had target lock in the game for a while and it seems to be working reasonably well, we can look to get spawn timers more fixed again if that is what most players would prefer.

Sorry to ruin this whole conversation so quickly, but i think you will appreciate this.
This was in a topic about incresing dl spawns. I can post a pic of admin saying this too
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