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Re: Design a Spring Weapon - Win Unique Fashion

this image is also on my insta art acc.
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Crackalakan sword of the sun.
Slashing damage: 150
Heat damage: 200
Heat resist: 200
Magic resist: 100
Ice resist: 100
Health: 150
Vitality: 50
Weight: 20
Class req: warrior
Proc: Hoe slaying crackalaker: deals 2000 damage to any hoes in the area. It then has DoT of 100-200. Any super hoes that you encounter are damaged 1500 + the amount of slaying you did in the first 30 seconds of the fight.

This sword was made in the Swag forges of Illumibooty. It uses the Sun's crackalakin power to slay all them hoes.
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Re: Design a Spring Weapon - Win Unique Fashion

Picture and stats to be added at a later date. Simply reserving a name and a weapon.

Bow of the Hunt
Herne the Hunter's weapon of choice
Arrows with various magical capabilities
Only available through my idea of a new event weapon chest
Class/Level: Warrior Level 220 Full EDL; Rogue Level 185 Full DL
Character Name: redbones; purplebones
Character Mode: Tank; Dps
World: Epona; Epona
Playing Status: Active; Active
Clan: Clan Tank of Clan Immortality; Guardian of Clan Immortality

Re: Design a Spring Weapon - Win Unique Fashion

Scepter of Spring Flame

This Scepter was enchanted by Lugh which launches a massive fireball that can deal up to 1500 fire damage
to a random foe within 4 meters of you.

Slot: Mainhand
One Handed
Fire Damage: 50
Magic Damage: 30
Attack Speed: 3400
Proc Skill: Fiery Strike
Proc Chance: 3%
Infinite Uses
Energy: 100
Important Item
Class required: Mage
Weight: 13
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Re: Design a Spring Weapon - Win Unique Fashion

Nature's axe of recovery

this weapon was forged by cernunnos,god of the nature and hunt.It's enchanted with healing powers from the mighty god.

Grants the skill ''natures recovery'' it heals you by 200 hp a tick for 15 seconds long. It adds 300 damage to the skill, rupture.

Slot: main handed
One handed
slashing damage: 200
heat damage: 90
attack speed: 3250
Level requirement: 200
Class required: warrior
Weight: 20
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Re: Design a Spring Weapon - Win Unique Fashion

Vernal Spear of Life

This weapon was created for the purpose of protecting Spring from evil forces.

Slot: Mainhand
One Handed
Piercing damage: 110
Attack Speed: 3200
Health: 350
Important Item
Class required: Warrior
Class required: Ranger
Class required: Rogue
Level requirement: 120
Weight: 26
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Re: Design a Spring Weapon - Win Unique Fashion

Dagger of Nature's Light
This dagger was forged by the hands of mother nature
and wields great power. Handle this power with care.

Slot: Main Hand
One Handed
Piercing Damage: 125
Magic Damage: 285
Attack Speed: 2950
Proc Skill: Divine Light
Proc Chance: 5%
Infinite uses
Vitality: +50
Dagger: +350
Class Required: Rouge
Level Requirement: 150
Weight: 15

Sulis- SirJackIII
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Re: Design a Spring Weapon - Win Unique Fashion

Wind Insignia of Dal Riata
*Spring 2015* This insignia is burned into the right palm by the gods of Sulis. Adds 50 energy regen and gives a skill called 'Wind of Dal Riata' which increases attack speed by 60% for 20 seconds.
Slot: Mainhand
One Handed
Palm Damage: 200
Attack Speed: 2000
Proc Skill: Wind Strike
Proc Chance: 10%
Proc Damage: 2000
Gives Skill: Wind of Dal Riata
+250 Hand to Hand
Infinite Uses
Level Requirement: 150
Weight: 0
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