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Caption This! Gelebron's Tower Competition!

As the doors of Geleborn's Tower finally are laid open to Heroes, the enemies inside are curious about these new events.

What though are these fearsome beasts thinking on?
What evil deeds do they have in mind for the adventuring heroes who dare to enter their tower?
Or are they simply discussing the weather?

We challenge you, Heroes!! To celebrate the opening of Gelebron's Tower, we'd like you to caption the below image, relating their conversation to the world of Celtic Heroes! The funniest/most creative shall be rewarded.


1st: 150 Platinum
2nd: 100 Platinum
3rd: 75 Platinum

We'll also be rewarding Honourable Mentions and a Studio Pick with other prizes subject to One Thumb Mobiles discretion.


We had a great number of chuckles to your entries! Thanks to everyone who entered, we've managed to narrow down the winners as follows:


1st: 150 Platinum - Kril View entry here
2nd: 100 Platinum - Casting - View entry here
3rd: 75 Platinum- Davi View entry here

Honourable mentions go to Optical Awakens and Bitey and Soolegit (of Lir entry sent via email - View entry here ) - a Spring Chest will be on its way to you Heroes!

Congratulations to all our winners!
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Re: Caption This! Gelebron's Tower Competition!

Here we go. The big rock guy has a thinking expression so hes thinking of a number. Wizard guy looks annoyed so i made him annoyed at the big rock guy. The dragon looks like an idiot so i had him play the game.

Heres the list. Rock guy goes first, then the wizard talks 2nd, dragon is last.
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Re: Caption This! Gelebron's Tower Competition!

These captions are their thoughts

Dragon: I wonder when they are going to feed me...

Wizard: I wonder what the newcomers here are going to do to use. They have no power here! (<-- movie reference, this isn't part of his thoughts)\

Big machine guy: I wonder what those other two are thinking about, probably nothing.

Couldn't post pic so I did this.
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