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Re: Sneaky attack useful?

Yes if going full dps. My rogue is 127 with max of 4.5k or more sneaky. Im str build but my ss is still 2k.
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Re: Sneaky attack useful?

Like everything else, it depends. My build is mainly around increasing auto attack dmg for lvling with full obsidian armor and using hastes - with this build i would rather use posoin weapon as it will do better dmg over time with haste.

If you care about PVP and/or are str build and don't care about spending money on pots while lvling, I would use sneaky.

Ofcourse as others have stated, sneaky is great for bosses and at higher lvls (if u are not a spear build)

Re: Sneaky attack useful?


Sneaky attack is one of the best rogue skills in game.

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