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Fellow Danuians...

If you play on Danu you may have seen me, or at least some clan mates. We are out recruiting any willingly helpful level 20+ who would be a positive asset to our clan. If you need anything on the server Danu such as weapons or items, feel free to post it here as well, our clan will more then likely have it. I just wanted to say hi to anyone on Danu and see who all is out there! Feel free to share your experiences on Danu with pictures or comments!

Re: Fellow Danuians...

Hello Danuians
My characters name is Boudicca(after the Celtic queen who fought the Roman invaders in what is now called Britain)
I'm also in clan Death and as Z says we are growing(and leveling) rapidly and are looking forward to the expansion of Celtic Heros and to the world of Denu.
I can be very helpful within the game so friend me:)

Re: Fellow Danuians...

Hi Boudicca! - I've got our clan thread up and going finally, still lots of work to be done but at least the first post gives a general summary.

I want to go ahead and vouch for everything Boudicca is saying because so far she has been a huge aid to me in game. We've spent many hours working together to accomplish whatever - from keystones to chess pieces.

As for me - I always had a passion for MMORPGs, and I've seen many iPhone MMOs come and go, but only a couple every truly succeeded. Without a doubt I know that celtic heroes will be up there and I've decided to invest a lot of my time into it. I play a druid in game and I'm always here to help if you ever need anything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Re: Fellow Danuians...

Hi, my character name is Firion (Druid) after the main character from FFII one of my favorite games. I'm in clan Death also with Z and Boudicca (very helpful people btw). I have extensive MMO experience specially in FFXI in which i have a level 75 TaruTaru summoner. I've done raids, big bosses, and 6+ hour battles (wouldnt recomend that last one lol). I accept all friend invites.

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