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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

fenrir is a monstrous wolf. Fenrir is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda and Heimskringla, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. In both the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda, Fenrir is the father of the wolves Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson, is a son of Loki, and is foretold to kill the god Odin during the events of Ragnarök. But, one day, the evil hagvar has received the orders from the trickster loki to launch a dark enchantment that ll summon the most ruthless, dangerous, mad, wild, blood thirsty beast of all time, to that effect, he ll welcome a group of nordic dark mages of the forgotten race of the sons of Surtur, the fire Jotun.
The skullcrusher slaves digged deep down in the earth and stopped just right under the temple of the Beloved celtic god Belenus.The evil plan consists to take revenge of the celtic heroes that defeated them in the past, and destroy the celtic religious vein of power.
mob name : FENRIR ( lvl 200 mob, 6 stars)
place holder : TWISTED SOUL OF FENRIR( 5 stars) lvl 100
your going to take the beat of your life :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Death omen: you are stunned for 5 secs( single target attack)
Howl of Ragnarok : you take heavy dmg and drains the energy out of your body( area of effect)
Harmless beast: for Ten secs all the attacks heals the beast.
Summonner:summons young wolves that attacks you.
Poisoned Fang: heavy dmg with unvadable poison dmg

SWORD OF BALDER: heavy dmg and grans 100 health and energy regen
WAND OF HEL: summon lethal fire, wich means it brings back the mobs health bar to half the current health point he had.
BOW OF THE CROW WINGS: lash out the enemy with 50 arrows launched at the same time. with a stun effect.
DARK DAGGER OF LOKI:launches a deadly burst dps serie of attacks in one hit( all the dex based attack skills in one hit)the bearer of this dagger is hidden from all mobs.
TOTEM OF RAGNAROK: grants the skill temple warden: summons a shield that covers your grp members and eject any enemy from a 6 meter range , this skill regens your friends fully with a bonus of 1000 health points
all these items are 180+ items
it adds the amount of the health of your foe to your total health,and grants the summoning of the vanquished adds during the battle with fenrir.
source: vsbattles.wikia.com
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

shalemont castle and gelebrons tower used to be a peaceful place where the villlage people hanged in harmony. Until a a dark day when darkness had risen. They captured the castle and tower keeping it for themselves ... With one hostage. The wife of the king. They sealed the doors with plasma, thanks to Plasmatin, so that no one could enter... And no one could get out. It has been like this over the past years..No one has been able to open the doors and rescue the queen from where darkness reigns. Until now. The Celtic heroes have gained strength by defeating past nemesis and at last have divine power to open the gates and send darkness back to abyss. But first, they know they have to get through Plasmatin first. By defeating Plasmatin, the heroes will be equipped with the same power that sealed the doors so that they too, can seal the darkness once and for all. Doing so will not be an easy task, but it's the only choice we got in restoring peace once again.

Plasmatin drops necks, charms, and rings forged with plasma to defeat enemies.
Neck - 250 stat ( vit, dex, foc, str ) ,75 heat damage/or 750 evasion,and a 5% of casting a skill that can give u 1000 energy
Ring- 50 stat, 25heat dmg/250 evasion,
charm - 125 stat, 50 dmg/500 evasion,

AURA- 5% of healing 1500 hp

Plasmatin Skills
- Plasma Wall - blocks incoming damage for 20 seconds,
- Plasma Fury- casts a Plasma Ball that strikes anyone in AoE 500 dmg per tick for 15 secs
-Plasma Seal- who over has Aggro cannot be healed for 10 secs ( more than one tank will be needed)
Plasma Rage- whoever touches it gets 3000 dmg every hit. Rages in 45 mins.

The Harp of the Dagda

The Harp of the Dagda

This story concerns the most ancient Irish Celtic gods, the first generation of the Tuatha dé Danaan who had to fight off the giant races of the Firbolgs and the Formorians. Their history is found in the Lebor Gabála, ‘The Book of Invasions’." Let us begin"
When the fairy race of the Tuatha dé Danann arrived in Ireland, they came like a mist across the waters, bringing with them magical gifts. These were the lia fail – the coronation stone, the spear of Lugh, the sword of Nuada, and the great cauldron of the Dagda, which was said to be able to restore life.
The Dagda himself was known as the Good God and he was chief of the gods at this time. Besides his cauldron, he had a harp which was battle-scarred and made of oak. It was covered in rich decorations including a double-headed fish which ran up and down the curved pillar and had jewels for its eyes. Although he had a harper, Uaithne, he could also play it himself.The Dagda had this harp with him always – he even took it into battle. So it was, that after the second Battle of Mag Tuiread, or Moytura, the Dagda discovered that his harp, together with his harper, had been captured by the Formorians and taken with them in their flight. Angered beyond measure, he set out with his son Aengus Og to reclaim it.

Stealthily they approached the Formorian camp. Soon they could hear the sounds of the feasting hall in which Bres, the Formorian king, was dining. Approaching the doorway, they could just make out through the smoke and candle-flame the outline of the old harp hanging on the wall. Then the Dagda entered boldly and summoned his harp with this chant: Come Daurdabla, apple-sweet murmurer
Come, Coir-cethair-chuir, four-angled frame of harmony, Come summer, come winter, Out of the mouths of harps and bags and pipes!
Immediately the old harp flew to his hand across the hall, killing nine men as it came. A shocked hush fell on the company. In the silence the Dagda laid his hands on the strings and unleashed the Three Noble Strains of Ireland that he had bound into his harp. First he played the goltrai, or strain of weeping, so that all present began to mourn and lament their defeat. Then he played the geantrai, the strain of merriment, so that the company turned to laughter and drunken foolery. Lastly he played the suantrai, or sleep-strain, whereupon the warriors fell into a profound slumber. After this the Dagda and Aengus Og left the camp as quietly as they had come, taking Uaithne and the harp with them.

de Danann

The Tuatha dé Danann were the children of the great goddess Dana. They are depicted as magical fairy people who were later overrun by the Milesians who allowed them to reside underground in the sidhe, or fairy mounds. They were traditionally believed to have arrived like a mist, but this is a poetic reflection of the fact that they ritually burned their boats on landing in Ireland so that they could never leave.

The Dagda

The Dagda was the chief of the Tuatha but, because he is much coarser than their other gods, he might be a remnant of a much older deity. His antiquity is demonstrated by the fact that he carried a great club. At the same time, like Lugh, he claimed to be multi-skilled. This is indicated by his name, the Good God: to the Celts, ‘good’ meant skilled, and the Dagda is depicted as being a master of music along with a range of other magical and warrior attributes.

He also had a prodigious appetite and earlier in the Battle of Moyturah was forced by the Formorians to eat a huge amount of porridge which had been prepared in his own cauldron. Undaunted, he ate the lot, after which his stomach was so distended that his tunic no longer covered it.

The Dagda can be seen as an ancient father-god who was symbolically linked to the great mother goddess through his great cauldron of regeneration. (The Dagda’s cauldron became a forerunner of the Arthurian Holy Grail.) Being multi-skilled, he also demonstrates the Celtic understanding that gods were not limited to a single skill or attribute.

The Three Noble Strains

These relate to the three sons that Uaithne, the Dagda’s harper, fathered on the Goddess Boann. She gave birth to the oldest, Goltraiges, in great pain, to the second, Gentraiges, in joy, while, after the third one, Suantres, she became heavy with fatigue. All three were harpers and became representative of the three main effects, or strains, of music.

The power of music

Music was of great importance to the Celts because they believed it had the power to enchant. The names of the Three Noble Strains end in trai, which means enchanter. Music could therefore magically summon or control emotion. It could also take the hearer into a place of dream and vision or bring the soothing of forgetfulness. It was an integral part of the Otherworld.

The sound of beautiful music greeted the entry of every hero into this realm, often being produced by magical birds. Magical birds also attended the silver-stringed harp of Aengus Og who used it, like Apollo, to charm them. For the harp was considered particularly magical. It was often owned and played by gods. It was the favoured accompaniment for telling the old tales, being able to conjure all the different moods as well as to accompany the vocal declamations of poetry. Thus every bard was expected to be skilled on it. Later, broken-stringed, the harp came to symbolize the sorrows of Ireland. Its magical music also retreated, along with the Tuatha, into the sidhe. Some evocative Irish music today is said to have come from tunes overheard in fairy revels.

Mobs there could be such as the formorian king and his minions

. Formorian King : Drops 3 Harps all of a different rarety ancient,legendary, imperial All Of them regen Over 50 hp and energy Per tic and Could Play a melody that would sooth agro off any mob:

.Formorian Minions: Reguler mobs with different types of weapons similar to the blackstones which sometimes drop their weapons

Maybe drop Lughs spear etc.

Even have a Dadga Boss and the drop would be his jewell eyes that could be a huge add in someones stats etc

Maybe there is a quest that orders you to go and get the harp back?

Weapons: All weapons glow with a Black aura
Formorian Axe 275 slashing damage 4750 Speed 250 strength 750 axe ability Raging Blow proc 10% chance to hit 2000-2500 damage: Level req 190
Formorian Bow 300 piercing damage 3250 Speed 150 strength 150 dexterity 750 bow ability Furious speed 10% chance to have a 60% faster auto : Level req 190
Formorian Dagger 100 poison damage 100 piercing damage 2500 speed 200 strength 150 dexterity 750 dagger ability Furious speed 10% chance to have 60% faster auto speed: Level req 190
Fire/Ice Formorian Grimoire 100 cold damage (Opposite element too) 300 focus 4000 speed 10% proc to hit 1000-1750 damage
: Level req 180 |||Formorian Spear 325 damage 5000 speed 300 strength 750 spear ability Proc 10% chance to do 2000-3000 damage in furious Stab: level req 190
Formorian Totem 75 Crushing damage 250 focus Healing Rage 10% chance to heal 5000-7000 health to anyone in a 10 meter area level req 190

Legendary Weapons: glows with black and purple aura drops from formorion bosses all level req 200

Axe of The king 425 slashing damage 3750 speed 350 strength 1000 axe ability Kings Pride proc 10% chance to do 6000-10000 damage
Bow of the East 400 piercing damage 3750 speed 250 strength 200 dexterity 1000 bow ability and a Wind of the East 10% chance to shoot 20 arrows at once
Dagger of the East 200 piercing damage 100 poison damage 3250 speed 200 strength 150 dexterity 1000 dagger ability Poison Fury 10% chance to do 5000 damage per tic for 20 seconds
Fire/Ice Grimoire of War 150 magic damage 5000 speed 500 focus 1000 ice/fire ability YulesBane 10% chance to do a 10000-15000 damage icebolt
Spear of Lugh 300 damage 4750 speed 200 strength 100 vitality 1000 spear ability 10% chance to do Pierce of Death with a proc to do 10000-12500 damage in one jab
Totem of Death 200 crushing damage 400 Focus 100 vitality 1000 totem ability 10% chance to heal anyone in a 10 meter area maxing their hp
Dagger of Donn 300 Magic damage 300 strength OFFHAND Rougue 30% speed
Quiver of Darkness 250 Magic Damage 250 strength 100 dexterity 30% speed OFFHAND Ranger
Axe of the Gods 350 FIery Damage 350 strength 200 vitality OFFHAND warrior

Mobs All level 195-200 All has chance to drop Formorian Weaponary
Formorian Ranger***
Formorian Bow man **
Formorian LongShot *
Formorian Sharp Shot ****
Formorian Rougue ***
Formorian Dagger **
Formorian Stealthy *
Formorian Assasin ****
Formorian warrior ***
Formorian Knight **
Formorian SwordBearer *
Formorian Barbarian ****
Formorian Mage ***
Formorian SpellCaster **
Formorian Witch *
Formorian Wizard ****
Formorian Druid ***
Formorian Healer **
Formorian Support *
Formorian LifeCaster ****
Formorian King ****** 3,ooo,ooo Health Skills Jab of Darkness Takes 10000-15000 hp from all surrounding players Rage Heals 10000 hp per tick and boosts damage by 30% Auto attack 5000 damage Drops 5 Legendary weapons level 210 ******
Formorian Prince 1,000,000 Health Skills Rage and Auto attack 3000-4000 damage Drops 1 Legendary weapons Level 200 *****
Formorian Queen 2,000,000 Health Fire Bolt of Darkness Blasts a Dark Fire Bolt dealing up to 15000 damage and also does multiple Dark Magic Skills drops 3 legendary weapons Level 205******

Who knows but that is my idea I wiush to write more but im all out of ideas
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!


The God of Destruction, Archius


Long ago, there was peace between galaxies and the universe. The Magi, archers, warriors, assasins, and clerics all lived in peace in their portion. Then one day, the Magi along with clerics were testing their ability to be able to revive a dead person. Their research was a success, and there were many less deaths. Due to the Magi and clerics there was little to no deaths. But one Magi, a semi cleric as well named Archius had other plans. There was an ancient treasure that was told of in legend outside the borders of the universe. Using all his power, He spent the rest of his life searching for that treasure. From all the things he learned about from the research, He was able to figure out where the treasure was located. But He did not know, what the treasure was. He quickly approached the treasure. No caution was taken. As he opened the treasure, Archius was teleported to an unknown land. Dark clouds covered the area, and in front of him stood a thick black fog. It spoke "at last someone has found me. At last I can be free!" Archius was shocked to hear this. He had never heard of something being trapped away like this. The fog approached Archius and attempted to take over his body, but Archius was strong. He fought bravely but alas, the fog took his body and transformed it. "Now I'am one step closer to controlling the universe!MWHAHAHAHAHAHA" It was a good thing a friend of Archius, a sneaky assassin followed him. The assassin reported what he saw back to the elder Magi. The elder Magi, elder warrior, elder assassin, elder cleric, and the elder archer gathered in the central part of their universe to discuss the problem. The elders were descendants of the ancient heroes who fought against the black fog, which was originally a dark, twisted, evil genie which many called the God of destruction. They were the only ones who knew how to defeat the ancient evil. The evil was still weak however, and would not be able to make it to the universe of the 5 classes until 2 years. Within this time the elders trained the rest of the people, showing them ancient techniques used to defeat the evil. And then, the battle day came. The evil approached the world's and started to tear it down, but the heroes were waiting. Throughout day and night, the heroes kept fighting. The god of destruction, Archius was nearly brought down. As He was defeated, He screamed "ONE DAY; ONE DAY I SHALL RETURN AND DESTROY THIS WORLD; I SHALL FINISH WHAT I STARTED LONG AGO" and with a poof, He vanished. As many looked around, their world, technology, and nearly the entire universe was destroyed. it would take centuries to get it all back, and the god of destruction could be back by then.


The Twisted God Himself

Hero, the ancient evil, the God of Destruction, Archius has returned. There are not many as brave as you left. I request you, with all your allies and your might, defeat this evil once and for all. Show it, that no matter what happens your willpower will not let you lose. The key, to defeating this evil is to use all of your hope, friendship, and might combined. I have seen you and your allies slay many beasts including ferocious dragons. I know that if anyone can stop this evil once and for all, its you and your allies. The fate, of the entire universe now lies in your hands. We are all counting on you.

Quest reward:

1000000 gold


Fog of the dark god. 5* 200

The God of Destruction. 6* 210


5500-7000 Auto attacks


Dark ressurection: revives ancient enemies.

Shield of doom: shields the boss from all damage for 10 seconds, and deals 500 damage for every auto attack landed on the boss.

Immunity: boss becomes immune to all debufs and skills but not autos.

Dark blade: AoE skill that deals up to 10000 damage.

Mirror shield: Shields the opponent from 50% damage for 5 seconds, but immobilize's them for 15 seconds after skill wears off.

Dark eyes: when the bosses hp reaches 10%, the damage dealt to the boss heals it instead.

Infinity stream: An unavoidable AoE attack that deals 10000 damage to everyone who has hurt the boss.

Destruction seed: when the bosses health is 5%, the boss heals back 50% of its health if this skill is not interrupted.

Rage burst: the boss becomes enraged and boosts all of its stats by 300%.


Sword of hope (offhand)

Dagger of hope (offhand)

Quiver of hope (offhand)

Shield of hope (offhand)

Wand of hope (offhand)

Staff of hope (offhand)

Ancient tome drops:

Divine ressurection (Druid)

Fading leap (rogue)

Final stream (mage)

Burst swing (warrior)

Elemental shot (ranger)

ARMOR: (saying sets only)

Lightfire set (rogue)

Frozenflare set (mage)

Infinite storm set (druid)

Starshield set (warrior)

Cosmic Sphere set (ranger)

The God of Destruction can resist nearly all types of damage including divine. It deals a combined damage of fire ice magic chaos and divine.

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Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Not the best drawer but there is mine
The griffon is a mythical creature said to be lost 300 years ago... Then a traveller knows a Fingal stumbled upon this beast. Of course Fingal want to fight it because he didnt know what to do so they did.But inside they became friends.One night as they where speaking to each other a lovely maiden named Lizabeth dropped by to there camp. Fingal fell in love in a insta. Knowing this the griffon my joke about Lizabeth and Fingal. Which lead to a fight with the two buddies.Fingal won because the griffon knew what he did,however the loin side of the griffon didnt like it. When the both of the two friends died the griffon started to haunt the land know as Lirs Reach.(Thought i give some back story)

Strangle-using it powerful tail it strangles the foe squeezing then to death.(Cause 650 crushing damge per tick)
Lions roar-even though it has a head of and eagle it still an roar like a loin causing there for to be scared but prepared
.(Debuffes you walk slower,your less likely to hit and your attack speed is lower.Buffs you do 1/4 more damge the you.Also it does 100 magic damge per tic. Effects anyone in a 8meter radius)
Charge- this beast charges at you at fearsome speed but hurts itself.(this does 2500 damge to player and 100 to itself)
Dill peck- using its beck it drills into your skin.(750 piercing damge and chance of bleeding 100 damge per tic)
Furious strike-using sit claw it randomly hits you[650x?(random amount) slashing damge, chance of bleeding(1%) 100 damge per tick)
Toxic feather- release poison on its feather and cause you to be poison(500 poison damge and then 50 per tic)
winter roar- the griffon uses snow and wind to create a snow storm.(750 cold damge per tic who are in a 16 meter radius)
The griffon is highly weak against fire and great against the cold
(The other damge i dont know)
The Griffons claw-rouge or ranger the claws have been stripped down into daggers. 250 slashing damge per hit. Plus 50 dex. Lev req 120(drops both offhand and main hand)
The griffon claw offhand- does 200 piercing damge lev req 120
Eagles head- the staff made from the griffons head is now used for magic! Class druid or mage. 50 magic damge per hit regens 30 mp per tick and adds 300 focus main hand item lev req 120
The tail sword?- using the griffons tail it straights out and because a stronger then steel sword.class warrior 300 slashing damge adds 100 armour lev req 120
Armour drops
Light as a feather- makes boots of feather adds 20% speed
Lions mane- using the loins mane it now a chest piece 150+ armour 300 boost into resistance to cold
Head piece(name idk)- using some part of the head it becomes a helmet buff idk
(Weapons take both arms and weapon slot)
Legs(name idk) using the legs of the beast it becomes well pants 300 boost in resistance to cold 100 armour+
It could be alive or an ghost form so its different.Also metal one
Each kind as different effects but the ones i least should be included.(
To lazy to write anymore. Hope win first place and good luck everyone else

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

As the winter snows melted, the last of the Wardens began making preprations to balance the magical energies along the ley lines. Unbeknownst to them, strong evil forces lingered in the aftermath of the Yuletide invasion. They corrupted the earth, and summoned it to its bidding. The Wardens were overwhelmed as these magical powers converged at the stone circle on the ley line. Rising from the earth, a magical being of stone and dirt, powered by the magic of the leystones began to wreak havoc on Lirs Reach.

Dolmen the Oppressor looked around in new awareness, it felt the earth and reached out, claiming the land as its own.


When Dolmen is besieged by heroes, it summons the earth around it to mount an attack. When hit by fire and when it feels threatened, it summons stone in a thirty foot radius, hitting heroes who don't run when they see the ground tremble. Aside from its stone spikes and crushing blows, Dolmen also summons poisonous vines in small plots of land, if heroes do not run, the vines will ensnare them so they are unable to move and cause poison damage over time finishing with an earthen blow to said spot before the snare is removed. Heroes are unable to use leystones within Lirs while under a debuff gained from attacking Dolmen, with debuff lasts for two minutes upon death and is not removed by logging, the best protection is vigilance against his attacks...he is a slow being and his movements are obvious to the keen eyed.

When Dolmen falls to the heroes, it drops rocky, earthen armor with special properties to protect from all types of magical afflictions. (Does not remove dl bonus, and a full set protects from otherworld's fire fields...highly defensive armor with crushing dmg for melee and increased magic power for druids and ice magic for mages)

*full res drawing visible via link, it is my own*
World: Epona

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Nyssa Rogue Lvl 215
Briar Rose Mage Lvl 215

Lasciel Rogue Lvl 217
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Lenore Druid Lvl 191

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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Sadly I am not a got drawer and cuoldn't find a pic for my beast. Bu here is my backup story. It's a lion with serpent tail and pheonix body and holding demon fork it look scary if u try imagining it he was raised and grown in lir's by him self that's why he turned to evil. He's lvles are (50-100-150190) he isn't eaisy and he isn't hard he have like 5stars and 6 stars he's minons are litile hyberd btween demons and lions he's drobs are: lvl 50(drob from +1to +5 rings and braces from 3-5 and he Drob a weapens for all classes he's spwan time is evry 2-3 hours) and lvl 100 drob (from +6 to +8 rings and braces from 6-8 and charms from 4-7 and weapens for all classes ) and for 150 ( from 9-11 rings and brace from 9-11 and charm from 8-11 and weapn for all classes) and for 190(the same till +15) ofc boss we'll have diffrent attacks witch is pions bomb witch do poisn damg and deadly claws skill witch do slashing damg and mighty Rawr witch deals random number of Magic dmg and one of hes three minons well heal him and two others well try portect there master witch he's name (the Rawr killer). I am madcombo in crom and mystreyman in arawn! Hopefully I win this! It's my first try after all :))
Hope you guys like it
Try to enjoy and don't forget it's a game so smile and let go
Epona toons:
DoctorHeals (druid)(lvl 222)
DoctorFlames(mage)(lvl 221+)
DoctorPoison(rogue)(lvl 210+)
DoctorShield(warrior)(lvl 210+)
Crom toons:
Madcombo (rogue)(lvl 205+)

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