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Re: Developer Update

Community wrote:We're still pending approval from Apple at this time unfortunately

*Fingers crossed* hope you win the roll, could really use the upgrade :3
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Re: Developer Update

Community wrote:
kianmage wrote:But why the warrior have dl shield and lanrik hair but start gear.-.

Because he likes it - no other reason :)

Btw to have an ability Fashion Equip on all the armors would be funny.
Equiping Dragonlord but wearing Warden or Bones Armor one visually.

So the most rational reponse is; this is a 190 warrior with full dl wearing lvl 1 warrior as fashion and not a Develloper testing game balance for example :P
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Re: Developer Update

Firestrike28 wrote:So does this means that yule will be on Monday and the new destiny graphics will be updated on monday too?

*Stickied thread on top of Gen Discussion

OTM Wulver wrote:Greetings Heroes! We've passed Apple review and will be preparing iOS for launch of the Destiny Engine and Yule on Monday December 8th, with Android to follow later in the week. Unlike previous events we will not have downtime between Samhain and Yule, so please make sure to finish up any Halloween quests prior to Monday.

Due to the engine upgrade we will have an estimated five hours of downtime while we upgrade databases and migrate to a new, faster server. We plan to kick off the update around 8am GMT Monday. The Android servers will still be available during this downtime.
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I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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