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Re: Guide for Mages

Hello Armo,
I want to tell you that there's an extra fact about Bandage Wounds. The effect does not only increase with skill level, but also with more Vitality.
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Re: Guide for Mages (in the making)

Xanadu wrote:
Deathreaver wrote:
Mysteryman wrote:eboost is crucial for a higher level ice mage. when paired with sigils you should be well off. regens simply arent enough, and if you have a lot of energy, regen lux is not that important.

just wondering
higher level mages lose most of their energy on their eshield, no?
or even with zero points in eshield and just skills like fireball and firestorm energy is still a huge problem?

Storm and shards can be a problem. My 47/35 storm is around 600+ energy per cast, which actually a bit more than my 35/35 eshield.

Woooow how is it possible ur eshield takes less then 600 energy at lvl 35? Mine takes 1k+ energy at lvl 32
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