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Look What I Killed

Its a Noob Boss But Who Cares Lol Still a Rare Spawn! I Got a Midsummer Bp From It! :D :o

Ps It Was a lvl 50 Sunclaw Dragon
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World: Sulis
Clan: Retribution
222 Rogue
157 Druid

Re: Look What I Killed

hope connacht bosses and ythair will spawn also one day:)
Furi0us warrior 175 lvl
Fenrirr rogue 185 lvl
7ingMad - warrior lvl 74
Razorr - mage lvl 100
Melkorr - ranger lvl 109
Mjolnirr - PvP mage lvl 25
Mirana - druid lvl 72
Eul - ranger lvl 44

Herne - retired

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