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The Fall of Five- Part one, 499 words not counting the parentheses and title
(I don't know if this is true or not, but I'm pretty sure it is lol. Plus it still counts if false, right :D?)
The 5 warden captains and their brave warriors journeyed their way past Stonevale to the Otherworld portal. The captains were called Bloodstrike, Moonshadow, Greythorn, Loremantle, and Goldsong. Bloodstrike, strong and a natural leader, would run into battle, drawing the attention of monsters, while Moonshadow, the sneaky, deadly, and cunning, would sneak up from behind and assassinate them in a shower of stabs and slashes. Greythorn, the most versatile, shot mighty arrows which struck enemies from afar, and rarely ever missed. Loremantle, mysterious and powerful, shot burning bolts of fire, storms of blazing heat, and freezing ice from his hands. If one of the heroes were hurt, the peaceful Goldsong's nature magic would heal them immediately, and the heroes would fight on. Rarely anything stood a chance against the 5 warriors. In the past few days, they had reached the Otherworld.

Shield raised, he strode past the gate. Out of the darkness, the wardens saw a huge blue eye gliding towards them. Readying their weapons, casting their spells, Bloodstrike ran over and shield bashed the All Seeing One. Moonshadow jumped over and stabbed it right in the pupil, causing smoke to come out and impair it's vision. Greythorn shot arrows at the eye. Loremantle shot fire and ice straight at the mighty eye. Goldsong cast his blessings onto Bloodstrike. Then without warning, the Eye whirled around and swept the floor. Bloodstrike and Moonshadow rolled aside, but the other warriors attacking laid down, and were still. Then, it called for help. Shouting out a warcry, Bloodstrike caught the attention of the minions, and the 5 wardens continued attacking. Finally, the great eye fell out of the air, and lay on its side, dead.

The Wardens and the soldiers continued on, until they reached a swamp filled with water horses and dryads. Then, they saw- The Swamplord.

"Wait." A wizard walked up to the 5 wardens and gave Loremantle a scroll. "Many have failed trying to best this beast. I have made this bane for him, and you should try it against him."

Thanking the wizard, the wardens charged into battle again.

"Oi! Big donkey!" Bloodstrike shouted, taunting the Swamplord. The Swamplord charged forward, hitting him and causing him to hit the wall. Goldsong's nature magic healed Bloodstrike, and Loremantle read the words of the bane.

An invisible force struck the Swamplord, injuring it greatly. Turning its attention to Loremantle, it raised it's hooves and bought them down. Loremantle cast an energy shield around him, blocking the hit. Bloodstrike used this moment to flank the Swamplord, and stun it with a Shield Bash. Moonshadow jumped up and started slashing, stabbing, and rending the Swamplord. Then, it charged, knocking all but Greythorn to the floor. Shooting a bolas at it, Greythorn ran in circles while shooting arrows. Arrows pierced its throat, and the Swamplord gave an almighty lurch. It's body fell into the water. The Swamplord had fallen. If that had been the second challenge, they hated to think what would come next.

To be continued...


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Re: Fan fiction Competition

The deadline is past now it'll be pointless for people to post more story's
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Nodnarb wrote:The deadline is past now it'll be pointless for people to post more story's

That's incorrect, they have till Midday GMT 16th July (Wednesday) to submit their stories.

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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Pestillence wrote:
Nodnarb wrote:The deadline is past now it'll be pointless for people to post more story's

That's incorrect, they have till Midday GMT 16th July (Wednesday) to submit their stories.

My apologies I thought it said the 10th
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Weary Eyed Warrior

Once upon a time a misfortune warrior awoke in a Kingdom famously known as Lirs...

His eyes gently peel themselves apart as if some magical enchantment had been cast upon them. The warrior finds himself on his back with the sun to his face. A faint but pungent aroma all to familiar catches his attention. Fresh blood, cold hard steel, and fresh green grass tell him all he needs to know (I'm alive). The warriors moment of peace is quickly overshadowed by a unfamiliar sharp searing pain in his abdomen. Afraid to look down the warrior gathers himself, and attempts to move but to no avail as nearly every bone in his body has been fractured and crushed. Gasping for air the magnificent blue effulgent sky above offers little peace as the warriors pain begins to set. Acceptance washes over him (a suffocating death it shall be). As the warrior vigorously sips for his final breaths of fresh air, he is interrupted by a shadow that eclipses the sun beaming down on his severely lacerated face. The fallen warriors eyes lock into Falgren's ice cold blue eyes. A large bloody steel mallet can be seen hovered over Falgren. Surprisingly, the warrior smiles as he realizes that beauty can be found in a good death. Suddenly, the mallet plummets from the sky in an oddly slow yet graceful manner only to meet the warrior head on with a resounding thud and spatter. Chicklets, hair, and pieces of skull tell the grisly tale of this great warriors undoing. Fortunately, what remains of our warrior offers up great sustenance for the famished wildlife. The hounds of Lirs begin to ravenously feast on our fallen warriors still convulsing corpse, tearing him apart limb by limb, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. God life is beautiful. Long live Lirs, and god save the king.

Re: Fan fiction Competition

Was this the day I was going to die... weapons ready charge!!.....

1 year earlier…
I opened my eyes, I had arrived on a sandy shore. I have no recognition of how I got there but I was flat on my back gazing upon a thickly armoured man...
I slowly and steadily got up and brushed the sand of my rags and approached the man. He told me that I was on lirs reaches beach. We got talking and told me that he was once the most experienced man in all of lugh until a dreadful BEAST had made him wounded and that a almighty dragon was coming. I knew then that I wanted to become the greatest warrior of all time. He told me he could help and sent me on my first quest to collect a torch of a ghastly flame bringer. I brought the torch back to him and he gave me knowledge of the land and I could feel my self-getting stronger inside. He then handed me a book, a quest book, he told me if I followed these quests I would one day become the best warrior of all time. So of I went up the path towards the lighthouse. I then knew. That I would stop at nothing to become the all mighty warrior…
A few months later and I had gained enough knowledge to get my warden armour! I was getting stronger every day…
Yet again I was presented with a new set of armour, meteoric! This had taken a while as I had to gain enough resources to obtain it but I was stronger and I knew that something was heating up amongst the dreadful creatures.
Yes! I was now handing in my magical orbs and crests to gain my frozen armour! I was so excited!!! I could feel the power within me…
Now had come the best day of my life… after camping out dragon lord bosses day after day I had finally gained my final piece to complete my set.. I believed now that I was the true warrior…
Then I remembered 364 days ago a man on a beach. A man who had inspired me a man who until now had lurked in the shadows. I wanted to know more about him, to thank him on teaching me how to learn patience camping killain in the arena hour after hour. How he didn’t lose hope in me.
Now this man lingered on my mind for the next few hours… it clicked … how could he have known about the oncoming monsters if they hadn’t of came to this world until only a few days ago… he was in fact… the evil morrigan a man who imbued all the danger inside creatures. I had been betrayed and now I had to defeat him. The time had come mordris, his guardian was going to be slayed…
Was this the day I was going to die... weapons ready charge!!.....

497 words..hope you like it!

Re: Fan fiction Competition


That feeling that you have wide awake but in a complete trance…

Heloise hurriedly seek for shelter, still in a daze from fighting wolves and torch-bearing monsters. She had no idea what she has gotten herself into and her only friend who brought her to this land seems to be nowhere in sight. Aimlessly she walked into Farcrag trying to put pieces of a puzzle together perhaps by doing so she can discover her purpose, she thought.

Her journey began and her discoveries brought her a sense of fulfillment. She grew stronger and made alliances. She got a high from the surreality of her surroundings.

As she and a new found friend stepped into the kaleidoscopic scenery of the Other World, a lovely fairy asked help to slay a monster wreaking havoc in the area. Their compass directed them to Bubulus and they both knew they were incapable of killing him. Yaro screamed out for help and then came this rogue, Abelard. Together they put an end to the beast.

Heloise badly wounded though that Abelard rushed her to the Tavern. He laid her to a bed whispered “Be better, I will never leave your side.” He never did.

Abelard told Heloise the stories of the land, stories of magic, great dragons and the stars at night. They made a pact with one gold and a poor man’s hat and rode across the land discovering yet the beauty of Lugh. He showered her with gifts and when something makes her cry, she would run to him teary-eyed and he would kiss all her fears away.

All was well. Heloise continued to search for the pieces of the puzzle and as she did her powers grew stronger. Her form changed as the dragon’s aura encompassed her entire body.

She was then summoned by the druids of Dal Riata and as they give her their blessing one says: “Child, you shall play a crucial role and contain the High Priestess of Morrigan. Keep your armor on until the fall of Mordris.”

All the land seemed busy. Heloise watched through the window as warriors ready their armors, children chanting songs about the so-longed-for fall of Mordris. She smiled, she knew now her purpose. Then a knock on her door…

Abelard came in. He runs his fingers through her hair as he kissed her. She felt her cheeks dampen. “Why do you cry, my love?” she asked. “Because I am a thief and do not deserve nothing.” he replied. She then took his hand and placed it upon her chest and then all the rest just flowed. Heloise then felt a quick strike to her heart. And she falls to the floor her blood on the hands of Abelard. She looks at him as life departs her body.

That feeling that you have wide awake but in a complete trance…
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

And so on a sunny summer day in my house I see the app has finally downloaded. With content I opened the app and created my character pressing the final button... And so the journey began. With no friends, no help, and no armor I set off through the lands of lirs reach battling my way to the castle. As I reached the castle gates I entered approaching the king. He sets me off on my first quest to cleanse the land and drive back the evil forces that have infected the land. I slay wolves that have been corrupted, bandits that have come for gold, and slain the skullcrusher leader. As my time ended in lirs I knew this was only the start. I hike through the shallamont ravine having heard rumores the Connacht forces have taken over the land. As a come above the hill i see a terrifying site... The rumores were true. Atop the library stood astral the invincible the leader of the army. As I come to the maclir camp I overhear that some troops have gone missing. I volunteer to try and find the soldiers. Battling my way throughout the Connacht army I began to feel overwelmed...as if the enemy's were becoming stronger. When all hope was almost lost a Connacht spearman raised his spear preparing the take the final blow...Untill an arrow flys out of nowhere and strikes down the Connacht spearman. I look around only to find another lone solder... A ranger. He says "I have come to help find the lost maclir soldiers aswell". I offered that we should look together as the enemy's are much to strong for 1 person. He accepts. With my new friend we continue forwards searching for the maclir soldiers untill up on a hill I hear a faint but distinct sound... The stretching of a bow string. We look up to find maclir soldiers aimed at us. "Who are you" they say. I identify myself and my friend as allies to the maclir soldiers. They help us up on the ridge and give us 1 more mission. You must slay astrial the invincible. With a determined look on mine and my friends face we set off to the library. Reaching the top of the stairs we find ourselves face to face with the leader. "You. Are fools for Trying to face me" he bellows. And with a mighty roar he begins his assault taking everything we could throw at him. It seemed hopeless, but with a determined spirit, we finally took down the beast...the invincible... As I look over at my friend I nod thanking him for his help. "All in a days work" he says. And just like that he vanished. I look at the astral and wondered... Why was he here, what could be here, why wage a war for whatever WAS here. I look up at library to see it locked with a massive iron gate. "Whatever he wanted must be in there" . So as I looked I wondered what adventures would take place next. The end
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I woke up, sat upright gasping for breath, sweat pouring down my face. It was the same dream as the previous nights… It always started out with me huddled in front of Efnisien the Necromancer. He stood in nonchalant position, with his luxurious purple robes gathering at his feet, his face in an everlasting grin, leering, with undisguised pleasure of my pain. “So small, so weak, so futile that you resist…” hissed Efnisien, “you should join me in my expedition to dominate this world…” Gathering my strength, raised my head and stared into his sunken eyes, I said with defiance, “Never! I would never work for a tyrant like you!” Efnisien sneered and cackled, his laugh sending chills up my spine and I felt my very soul being pulled away from my body. “Very well human, I will not forgive this insolence you have shown me. I shall rip the soul out of your body and torment it for millennia, your men, you women, your children will be fed to my brethren and you shall watch it happen while I relish every moment,” he rasped. Then there was a flash…

Having these dreams was no coincidence, for they appeared to me every night and decided it was time to confront my worst fears. I rallied all the warriors, mages, rogues, druids, and rangers to make our final stand in ending Efnisien’s reign of terror. At sunset we were ready and we marched into the bowels of the Dunskeig Sewers where we were hit with a wave of putrid air and dark, evil magic. Soon enough, we stood crowded into the cistern containing Efnisien. He grinned and ran his chilling eyes over us. “I knew you would come…” he hissed. “Efnisien! This is not a time for fun and games! Your life ends now!” I shouted and we all charged.

Efnisien cackled, “That’s more like it!” He waved his hand and we were hit with a chilling blast, stunning a majority of our fighters. However, I pushed ahead and drew my blade slashing at him. Efnisien parried the blow, fired a bolt of energy at me, knocking me over and he pinned me to the ground. “Goodbye, warrior…” he screeched and charged a blast at me. “Now!” I screamed and the many ranks of fighters attacked, taking advantage of his vulnerability to cut and stab at his body. We knocked him back and forced him to the floor, black blood was oozing from his body. “Goodbye filth!” I said as I jumped and plunged the blade into his neck decapitating him.

We all stood there, not believing our eyes. We had finally succeeded! We were bursting with joy when a whisper and a cold chill began to flow into the room…

“I told you it is futile to resist! You have only destroyed my physical form! I shall make another… you will never be free of me, never free of my wrath and you shall never taste freedom!” Efnisien hissed.
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The Journey To Dal Riata

In the Norse lands I lived an impoverished life of grief and dispare. Without enough gold or food to provide for my family I gathered what strength I had left and decided to venture to far away lands in seek of better fortune, may the Gods favor me once more. I traded a fine venison roast I had gotten from hunting a few days before to my good friend Gaston in return for a small fishing boat. I kissed my children on the head and left my wife with a note describing my love for her and that everthing will be better in the days to come. I set sail on a fine summer's day with but a fishing rod, a few rags to wear, and 3 gold pieces my mother had saved from sewing in the village. I savored the smell of the baking bread and the feel of the clean air blowing on my face from the mountains up north for a moment, then untied the boat and was on my way. I traveled east where I heard there was a great land of wealth and plenty. All was perfect until one night the Gods chose to change my path of destiny. In the dead of night when I was resting; dreaming I was on the sea shore with my family as I did so many times before, the moonlight showing my wife's face with a faint glow and slight mist from the crash of the waves on the rocks. That was when I heard a loud crash. Alas, there was indeed water spraying on me, but not from the waves. Instead it was from a massive storm. Loud sounds of thunder ringing in my head and bright flashes of lightning like the wrath of Odin, no less. Scrambling to get away from the storm I was knocked off my boat, and I hit my head on a sharp rock. I awoke when I heard the birdsong of seaguls and water on the shore. Here I met a man named Brennan who would change my fate forever. Thus begins my long and plentiful story of adventure though the lands of Dal Riata.
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