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Re: Get Creative! Design an Armour set!


Mkayy suckish picture quality I know... did this pretty quickly last minute with awesome gel pens XDI called it Winded Zephyr is a west wind and she is indeed a rouge which i believe are quick and graceful just like a wind would be, gently deadly... if yah know what im saying if not AT LEAST THERE ARE SPARKLY PENS. the cape is ment to have a perminant breeze XD (i'm going to stop rambling now) :D :D :D also pardon all the incoherent spelling XD
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Re: Get Creative! Design an Armour set!

fr3gryf wrote:Omfg! U Was already incredibly good at drawing....now also at coloring!! Nice job! And beuatiful backgroud! Def awsome!

Thanks! I really ran out of steam for the mage/druid armor though. :P

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