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Re: mysterious or bugged item?

Continuum wrote:Does anybody know what this is supposed to be? and if its really rare and powerful, can i keep it once its fixed? :lol:

Beats me I have one too.
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Re: mysterious or bugged item?

I have checked with the design team and it appears to be a Connacht Ring from the Duskshadow Quest in Shalemont Ravine.

To fix this issue you can got to Settings - Applications - Celtic Heroes - Delete Cache - Delete Data - Uninstall - Got to Playstore and download fresh.

This should solve the text not appearing issue but if it does not please let us know with your device and OS and i will investigate further.

Thank You.
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Re: mysterious or bugged item?

These are quest items, this is caused by a minor bug with the game update.

To fix if you've registered your account:
Go to the App Manager on your device and clearing the cache and data for Celtic Heroes. When you relog you will need to re-unpack the game and re-enter your username and password.

If you've not registered your account:
Register your account and follow the steps above

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