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DeathDruid quit

its been a long time, since i play that game. I made a few good friends, some enemys, and had allot of fun.

But the fun was gone, as it turned out that most ppl only are selfish.

Ppl ksing clanmates in arena for example is a point, that really sucks, and yea the guy i am talkin about says he wanted to help me, and lagged out. but why he could do one skills hit after the next, instead using home button? And well even If he really would log, the next "helper" was still online.

I was waiting till i get my spot in the queue, other clans respect the unwritten rules, but so called clanmates just take their own business.

So thats the final point why i quit.

Now i want to say Thx to a few PPl

Dalgo for beein a real friend over my whole playtime, Take care, we stay in contact
Somar, with him and defiant, i had my best gaming experiance
sky... for same reason
cheech, for doin great with prime, and allways tryin to keep track of all ppls needs
donko for beein friend even while chosens and defiant battle about each boss
Jenny, for bein a good friend as long we play together
saracules, for the countless nice chats

some more i want to thank, but well this takes forever to count all the ppl i meet over the years.

At last i wanted to say thx to gala, he saved me allot free time from now on by beein gala...

I wish my english would be better, so i could explain my thoughts better, but well danu, cu all.
-Username: DeathDruid
-Retired Druid
-Druid on the server Danu

-Username: Similius
-Retired Rogue
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Re: DeathDruid quit

Thanks for everything, DD. The memories, chats, and druid tips. You will be missed. I'm sorry it had to come to this. Don't be afraid to hop in from time to time to check things out - you will always be welcome. And if the update suits your tastes and things have cooled down a bit, do come back. But in the meantime, I wish you the best with life.

Goodbye friend!
Galadriel~ Level 202+ druid (Danu)

Re: DeathDruid quit

DD, I am sorry to hear that. I totally understand the frustration. I wish you the best, to wherever life takes you. I have always enjoyed our conversations, and mutual hatred of jerks. I hope you take some well deserved time off, and if you ever do decide to come back, we would love to have you back!
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Iamlife2 Lvl 152 Druid

Re: DeathDruid quit

Check in every now and then dude, you are honestly one of the people that I looked up to as not only as a friend but like a mentor. You helped me so much throughout my gaming experience and I'll miss you.

Re: DeathDruid quit

Well, I understand you. I have known you in the game to, it was real fun to play with you.
Good luck to you in real life, ....

....maybe u would like to look in the game after the update, as i will,
....hope people get nicer, but thats only a wish :cry:

Re: DeathDruid quit

idk what to say tho.... besides that i wish you and your fam the best
take care bro
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