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[solved] Connection and Platin Issue


- bought platin the 1st time
- now can not connect anymore
- i can log in, but don't see my character
- if i hit "continue" in login-screen, it says "server no response, pls try again later"
- i cant create a new character on other realms/worlds
- in the world selection i see, that 1 slot is used...which means my character is still there
- i tried reboot
- i tried Wifi reset
- i tried to connect with other wifi of neighbour and at office
- i even tried to reinstall game
- i logged out of applestore
- i started another app/game with inApp-Buy transactions...
- and finally: i spent real money and the game does not work!
-updated Last iOS 6.1 ... Did Not help
- no jailbreak
- tried it like suggested: logged out from itunes, Turned device Off, Turned on, Chose another wifi...still Does Not work!
-Tried also a Hard iPad reset by iTunes .. Did Not help... Wtf
- btw: the support tool is a brilliant idea if u can only use it after log in -.-

What shall i do now?
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Re: Connection and Platin Issue

It sounds like you have tried all the proper methods of solving this problem. Sorry to hear that it hasn't worked out for you yet.

One other thing to try is to pretend to buy something in another app. I know you said you loaded an app with purchases, but in my experience that didn't work. I actually had to click that I wanted to buy something, and then cancel the transaction.

Other than that, just keep trying different wi-fi connections. There might be certain restrictions in the security of your network. The guy in this thread just had to try and try, he said: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=23751
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Re: Connection and Platin Issue

Thx for your fast reply. I Tried your suggested steps Tool, but it did Not work.

I also Tried additional steps:
- i know, that the Platin transaction has to be completed on the device from which it was started
- although i dont have the Game on my iPhone, i Tried to Log Out the Apple id additionaly from the iPhone. Did Not help either.
- i called my best reallife Friend who is also playing CH: i gave him my Login Data in Order to let him Test in he can Log in -> it worked!
- but he lives Too far away in Order to Test his wifi with my device
- he gave me his Login Data, and i dont See his characters either... Therefore it Must be a Problem with my device..
- but i Tried everything, Even iTunes device reset.

Some further ideas?

Re: Connection and Platin Issue

Billybob wrote:Will try another step:

Installing CH in my iPhone and try to fix the Transaction there with Same Apple id

Call me a genious :P
This worked for me! (But my Platin still is Not there)
1) make sure u have a Second device (iPad, iPhone etc)
2) Log Out Apple id on both devices
3a) Download Game on 2nd device (with Same Apple id)
3b) let him Patch
3c) Log Out from wifi from both devices, keep Wifi active, But Not being connected!
4) connect to another Internet Connection (i Used my iPhone UMTS/3G Internet Connection) with Second device
5) Log in on Same Account in 2nd device
6) Attempt to buy Platin but Then Abort (still in 2nd device)
7) Log Out of Game in 2nd device
8) connect 1st device to Same Internet Connection as in Point 4) (i Used a Hotspot of my iphone's Internet Connection)
9) Try to Login with 1st device now without logging into iTunes with Apple id

The 10th Step now would be trying to connect to iTunes with Apple id and see if platin would be there then. But at the moment i am just happy that it Works, Therefore i will trY another Time.

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