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Clan Leaders Dead :(

It is with much sadness, grief, and a heavy heart with much consternation that I must report that your beloved chief Xellaya and also beloved former chief Raven have died.

They are survived by the Juppongatana tribe.

Coroners say that they passed away on Sunday October 16th due to a fatal dose of those black spotted mushrooms. Witnesses say they were just standing there one moment and the next…..Dead as a doornail. Some are speculating that it was a bizarre suicide pact but insiders say that Raven is a mushroom picker and gave the deadly mushroom to Xellaya.

In a bizarre twist some are saying that Raven even was resurrected to simply each another black mushroom and fall to the ground dead. The Juppongatana tribe is now in morning trying to raise enough coin to provide a couple of resurrection idols

RIP Xelly and Birdie

:lol: :P ;) 8-) :D :lol: :) ;)
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Re: Clan Leaders Dead :(

LordLegend wrote:Eat that mushroom will die :shock: I never try it...

Awwwww were is the fun in that. Actually when I ate one I saw the psychodelic lights and my gold went up by 5000gp's, Oh and I got set of boss discs, oh and I got 10,000 EXp's!...........and I was invincible.....and I could fly :) :lol: Well Just kidding but Try one........come on live a little uhm errr Die a little :lol:
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Re: Clan Leaders Dead :(


Arawn is being haunted by the ghost of raven!!

I saw a figment that resembleled raven a couple of nights ago fighting shivercowl!!

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Re: Clan Leaders Dead :(

It's weird..

I saw someone like this in game. They died and then woke up again alive at a stone....

It's amazing and miraculous!!!

Spread the word!

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