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STOP and read these guides before proceeding

Update 4 Guides:

Friddo 1-221 click here.

Redrogue spear build: Click here.

poisoner build by redrogue: Click here.

Mortal creed hints to solo success: Click here.

Blrd7 update 4 high level basic rogue guides: Click here.

Brief discussion of update 4 rogue skills by myself: Click here.

Kiykiy essence blade build: Click here.

urmergurddanu- a guide on stats at mid level with the aim not to be a plat sink: Click here.

jxoxcampbell on mid level knuckle build!: Click here.

1-200 Rogue Leveling Guide using plat by Akatosh: WITH an edited version by Venus Click Here

low level energy free build by thrift Click Here

low level farming guide by deebaws click here

Arjunlite Role, Build, Stats and Gear rogue guide: Click here

Pre-Update 4 guides: possibly inaccurate!

1-120 Rogue Leveling Guide mostly no Plat by Pigman: Click Here

Rogue Tanking Guide by Kiykiy: Click Here

Guide to ultimate 120+ Rogue by Brookie: Click Here

Guide to DPS gear by Guffy: Click Here

And this is what the top rogues wear and how they run their own builds, not really a guide more of a primer: Click here.

New guide to gear and mechanics by awen: Click here.

And the long awaited dex build thanks to papi: Click

New knuckle build for mid level rogues by jacoby: Click here.

Low level guide by Uzi: Click here.

my personal favourite, a guide for those who dont like reading guides, by supadupachalupa: Click here.

want to be good at pvp? read this! by brookie: Click here.

Knuckleblades from 80-130, by redrogue: Click here.

warden through frozen reference by blrd-7: Click here.
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Re: Compiled rogue levelling guides (links)

pigman wrote:http://www.onethumbmobile.com/celticheroes/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=15479 by akatosh
viewtopic.php?f=51&t=13734 guide inside post by me

these are the only update 3 leveling guides i have found for rogue
akatosh describes plat leveling, mine is guided for a player with no plat

i would appreciate it if this could be made a sticky as there are constantly rogues looking for help

Thanks for this Pigman! After the massive slowdown in leveling for my lvl70 Mage and my increased boredom with the crazy downtime to regen I have started a Rogue toon. This will come in handy!

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