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Godzilla's Guide to the Inner Qi

*NOT my original work, this thread was created as a placeholder until Godzilla could make his own formal thread*

Godzilla wrote: Here is my advice. I reccomend to ALL druids who want to solo. I have a lvl 120 mage and 63 warrior so trust me, i know my stuff. This build is strictly for pure awesomeness so take heed of what i say and use it well.


Energy Harvest- says what the skill does, steal all your opponents energy so they have none left meaning they cannot attack. Makes sense right? No energy = no damage done allowing you to survive

Bless- bless yourself with the powers of Mother Nature and increase your abilities, take no damage and you survive very long

Bandage wounds- if you do get injured why not cure it with bandage wounds?! The skill will heal those wounds and allow you to continue to fight

Howling wind- blast your foes with this skill and reduce their attack!!! If they can't hit ya they can't do any damage to you. Just like enegy harvest but this is used for back up if energy harvest misses. But it shouldn't miss if you add points to dexterity which ill explain later

Ward of Magic- if you happen to have spare skill points because you're doing everything right the spare points should go here. Ward away those magical creatures with this skill and not have to worry about them. This means they cannot come close to you and youll be able to finish them off.

Once you have maxed all these skills you're on the right track to become a successful druid. Some people may be wondering "what about the dps skills???" Well who needs damage skills when your auto attack will instantly kill any enemy so dont worry lightning strike and vines as they are for pooftas.


Focus- who needs to focus during a battle when we all know brawn beats brain
Dexterity- you will need a lot of this so i reccomend putting 2:3 dex str into this. More you hit = more dps done. You hearin me?
Strength- ok this is the key stat when becoming an elite druid, you will need lots of it. More the better, this means your damage will skyrocket with the amount of strength you possess.
Vitality- pfftt who needs health when your foes will drop dead before they can reach you due to the massive amounts of strength.


Ok for your mainhand you don't need a book or a totem. What kind of druid would you be if the enemy saw you holding a book or a tiny totem... If i were that opponent i would laugh myself to death. We don't want that so this means you need to go into battle with a fierce sturdy staff. Swing this mighty 2 handed weapon at your foes and knock them back before they can reach you. What could be better than a weapon that deals heavy damage and knocks your foes back so they can't reach you?! Exactly, none. Staff all the way. Now for your jewellery, why do you need this? They didnt have fancy rings and amulets in nature so why should you bring a child of nature have them??! I say ditch the rings and fight your foes like a true child of nature. Now for your armor, we don't want anything to slow us down so that fancy Dragonlord armor will have to go or anything else you have. Go for the old school cloth scraps, i reccomend getting 10 cloth scraps and trading them for very light armor at the beggar in castle. Lighter armor = faster movement = more damage dealt. If you really want to take it to the next step, strip yourself of all clothes and fight like the other creatures of Mother Nature. Naked.


You are now an accomplished druid if you have followed these steps, with the skills you learnt you'll be able to dodge any attack and heal your wounds any time. The stats combined with your amazing weapon will give you all the damage needed to finish off your foe while not missing at all. Gear, pfftt what gear. Go into battle with your staff and thats all you need. Just make sure your staff is made of wood so that it is relevant to your cultural background.

All who critisise this post are likely trolls or just very inexperienced druids.

This is the way of the druid and good luck in your adventures, may your enemies fall onto their knees and beg for mercy.
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Re: Godzilla's Guide to the Inner Qi

An actual ranger wrote:Shouldn't the druids best skill, spring of life, be in the list too? :) :)

Spring of life had so much potential. During the beta stages it was even thought that the skill would slowly help phase out idols or at least compete with them but in the end the skill was a disaster. No druid should ever use this skill and it ought to be removed from the game. that's how bad it is. Maybe someday they'll listen to user feedback and fix it but since when have they listened to user feedback regarding skills? :roll: I just dream of the day that shadowstrike gets nerfed and all the rogue wannabees can go back to their original classes. :lol:
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