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Server has become gross

We all know this by now buit tonight was the last draw.
We were all at necro and I won the ranger brace and was ignored like I wasn't there. The fact that one clan does that is gross. We all play this game for fun and spend our TIME we should respect that. Just gonna say I stayed up to do this boss and it was a waist of my time apparently, which to me is really uncool. Taking my time away from me.

Thank you to all the people who have made this game awesome and to those that made it gross thank you as well for opening my eyes that bullies and grossness can happen in a game!

Re: Server has become gross

Shame of friends, shame of respected players, shame to see people running with a drop to lirs on the first ley and dicing hided. just shame.

I did not expect feel scammed, many players didnt get chance to roll and saw a punch of respected players that helped lugh grow up doing this kind of thing
And running with drops.

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Re: Server has become gross

LostGirl wrote:i really dont get this.


no reason to ban 080.

...do you get it now LostGirl?

i, along with the rest of Our Clan
Ancients, were so happy you
finally entered back into the game,
after struggling to dig up your
long lost log-in info. 

I was there along with others...
(Not of Clans Alliance/Ambrosia) ofc,
at said incident late Saturday night,
who were not only excluded of our
dice rolls, but had to sit there only to
watch & be humiliated & ignored,
of YOUR winning Roll on a
Necro Ranger drop. 
What a Total let down of our
Fabulous Server, Lugh.
I'm hearing through the GrapeVines
today, that we were "Sabotaging The
LifeSteal of Necro"... Really?
L.M.A.O. surely if this were the actual
case, don't you think that ALL of the
Non-Alliance/Ambrosia eligble
Players who attended That Necro
Fight, would have *intentionally* took
turns & sat around on Mr Necro Spot
& allowed him to suck the Life out of
us the Entire fight,
don't you think?

Gross LG.....
its beyond Gross,
Its a Virus that spreads like Cancer.

Orginally posted only 3 +1/2 months
ago, i find the 4th post response
written on this page, very interesting
to re-read again at this time...
as so, the rest of the responses

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Re: Server has become gross

Armo wrote:"Play on Lugh they said

All clans work together they said"

Dear Armo, I don't know you, but I'm very happy with the impression you got about Lugh. That we all work together, yes we do. I assure you, this is a temporary phase in Lugh, like a small bump in the system. I have a feeling that things will get better soon to everyone. No need to panic. There has been a "temporary" reaction concerning the abusive behavior of a certain player. It went a little bit to the edge. You cannot possibly invite a player knowing they are coming to curse you cuss at you and abuse you the entire fight, this is why I assume that it has been impossible to invite their clan. I have a feeling that things will get much better. No need to be sad. It breaks my heart to see people sad.
Another reason, the last Necro fight which i attended and which obviously failed, there has been a few level 185 non full dl players, on Necro, even that we begged them to stay away from lifesteal and to stick to the ghosts if they are not full dl and in a group with druid. One of them who upset me the most was a warrior level 185 non full dl, with comrak set, and a shield at necro boss not the ghosts. he stayed on auto the entire fight. Other servers don't allow non full dl at necro fights, don't allow a dps warrior with shield at the boss. His presence there was quite useless and pretty damaging and he wouldn't listen to move away from the boss. Of course that fight failed because of the too many non full dl on boss who were not even in groups, thinking that hey I reached 185 i can do Necro now. well not quite. don't forget the amount of players who refuse to lix or use any form of haste. Why would a level 220 rogue take 6 types of lixes at Necro, work like an ant to get geared farm his gear buy plat for his lix, so that a 185 non full dl shows up refuses to follow instructions or take any lix, ends up winning a drop.
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Re: Server has become gross

Please don't Trample & Troll all over
LG's Horrible Post of how she was
denied & ignored of her Necro Drop.
She feels bad enough without all of
You who intentionally ignored Her
BEFORE & AFTER the fight, to come
here to HER post to Justify yourselves.
Not once, ever do i see or read of
You people ever admitting or taking
any blame for any wrong doings you
all inflict on any people in Lugh.
All i ever see is the Pointing of yall's
Innocent little fingers in everyone else's faces.  Always speaking here on forums
like you're all the little holy'r than thou
Angels of Lugh, painting pretty
little pictures of yourselves to the CH
Forum Community *smh
If only they all actually played in Lugh
to see what a Crock of Crap that is.

If you want to continue bashing me,
please go post on your bf's 2 post on
his bash postings page 3 of lugh forums.
2 Post Titled:
*Just Saying.
& Marlboro Ice
oh wait, both postings were locked.

Leave LostGirl - LG be.
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Re: Server has become gross

Not from this server, but i was starting to get impressed untill i saw the whole story come up about this drop. I understand the main clans frustration with those who come to kill and dont do what is right, but i understand that LG is a ranger, so that elminates many problems LG could have caused. And to hear that nothig was said untill after the drop was won implies alot of corruption in this main clan on lugh. I dont think this is a "bump in the road for lugh". I was once scammed by a best friend in game, and since then i have never trusted anyone with my items. That was one of my smartest moves in game. If anyone on lugh is smart, they will be wary of this main clan stealing anymore drops from players who rightfully deserve them.

Even if out of clan players were not supposed to be included, i beleive the lack of communication deserves a proper punishment, and that would be giving the bracelet to LG. you cant make a mistake like that and brush it off with a sorry. And is this bracelet really worth ruining lughs unity? Or trust? Just give LG the bracelet, and let the whole issue dissapear. It isnt worth such a great server getting ruined
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