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Re: Hello new support here!

krummy9552 wrote:I very very much welcome you to come to crom hehe ill get you over to the right side (ice) soon enough ;)

Sure enough :D

Zkills wrote:Welcome to the forums man :) I suggest you play on belenus, we are known to have admins visit frequently in the past :lol:


Thanks. We'll see :D

Re: Hello new support here!

Su Mucheng wrote:
Graced wrote:Welcome aboard Su Mucheng! Quick question, was your name inspired by The King's Avatar?

Yes! Indeed! I really like her and it's a cool name!

Whoop! She is an awesome character! Hoping the English translation of the novel will be done soon, it's so good!
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Re: Hello new support here!

Su Mucheng wrote:Hi! My name is Su Mucheng. Nice to meet you all. I've been handling e-mails and support in-game for the past few months. Happy to be here. Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

Q: When did you start playing video games?
- When I was very young. I played some Mario Games. Many other old schools (Grand Theft auto, The Sims, Taxi).
Q: What are some of your favourite games?
- Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts,
Q: What class are you in CH?
- Ranger and Mage (Mostly Mage)

Ask me any questions!

Hehhe classics XD gta 1 and 2 i hope :)
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