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New player, love this game, And some questions

Hi everyone, as the title says, I'm pretty new, been playing Celtic heroes for some weeks now and fell in love with this game haha. I'm lvl 74 ranger and server is morrigan. Im from Norway (Europe). When I created my account I wanted to test it, so I just rolled the dice to choose a name for me and the server that first was chosen by game. So after playing I got obsessed with the game and have bought plat and chests and I'll continue doing it. So my questions is:
1. Can I change my name?
2. Is there no way to move character to other server?? I bought a lot of stuff on that character and I want to play on a big server. I have opened around 300 chests and I don't want to loose my stuff.
3. What is the biggest server? With biggest market.

4. Will there come new chests soon? Winter is over and snowstorm chests still there.

I also have questions about my ranger class but I guess I must post it somewhere else

I'll be looking for the answers and thank you for this lovely game!

Re: New player, love this game, And some questions

Welcome to Celtic Heroes Amii! Hope you are enjoying the game!

1. No name changing service currently but it has been discussed for consideration in a future update.
2. Not at this time. While we have recently become cross platform, account transfers are unsupported.
3. Arawn is possibly our most populated server original iOS server. Balor, Fingal, Donn and Lir (Our original Android servers) all have high player populations.
4. Yes! Coming in the Corrupted Gardens update which should be released in the coming weeks!
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Re: New player, love this game, And some questions

Welcome to Celtic Amii :) Hope to see you stick around for a long time. Some advice to help you. 1. Always do bounties, gladiator, and quests for areas. They help you level and get gold. 2. Make sure you have the critical ability quests done from castle, these are wonderful (give you the ability to sometimes get double xp/gold/skill dmg/auto dmg). 3. Join a clan. The communities of Celtic are the best part of the game and are wonderful. They will help you grow and progress in the game. 4. If you make any alternate accounts, put them on a separate account. This allows you to dual device which is handy. If you have ranger questions feel free to pm me. <3
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