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U all know me.

Since this forum visited me i wanted to say hy.
My name is chuck. Leader of psycho clan. i am 26 yo.
Trying to play fair but with all that fake ppl god gee golly its hard....

Respect anyone who respect me. (i dont accept fake respect) and if u are nice we help.

Help is free :) but helping and then rolling is leaching ;)
SERVER : Nuada
CLAN : Psycho (Chief)
CLASS: Warrior (Paladin)

Re: U all know me.

Yo Chuck,
BrightLight here, welcome to the forums man :)
BrightLight - Level 217 Rogue (support nub)
BrightWizard - Level 120 Mage (hoarding ice mage)
Judgement Day - Level 57+ Warrior (future tank life)
Satanic Arrow - Level 59+ Ranger (Judgement Day's b****)

Just relax with the good stuff

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