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What class are you?

Hey guys out of curiosity what class are you guys and why did you choose them?
I'll start it off..
First I had chosen ranger but at lvl 80 I suddenly got bored because we'll they stink at pvp and so hard to use, after that I created a rogue and got him to 124 (still use him) and loved him, why? pvp rocks, easy levels, and their monsters...
Now what's your story?

Re: What class are you?

Started as druid, leveled to 78, got bored, but made a lot of money castle camping and merching. I saw there was a glut on the market of ice gear, so I made an ice mage to try it out. Full focus from the beginning, I outleveled my druid in a week, and never looked back. Currently lvl 216 on mage main, and working on rogue locker (173). I'm also returning to druid now that I've played for awhile, with more money and better ideas of how a proper DPS Druid should be played.

Re: What class are you?

Lol, I picked Warrior cause I was a noob and heard it was the easiest class to keep alive. Now I'm kinda committed and too used to it to switch outright :D. That and I've always liked the simple hack-and-slash brute-force characters.

(And I always went Ottomans in AoE2 cause the Janissary units were so awesome.)
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