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Re: Hi im new, well almost

Eadwyn wrote:Hi there, and I think you choose the right class to level I'm finding it a bit slow with my Druid but my Clan is helping me move up when I can log on to play. Any Druid advice would be most welcome from level 40 to 100 perspective i.e. Equipment, stats, skills, ability training. Most posts I've seen are written for level 100 to end game bosses as far as guides go so not helpful for me yet. Oh and I've opened slots for each class and created an account I can dual device with for transfers and storage at the moment using iPhone and iPad together which works great and I highly recommend any new or returning players do that.

Ok firstly, please don't use overuse colors on the forums as they cause people headaches to look at.

That aside, you should be using the same 2:3 vit:fox ratio I suggested to the op.
Nat touch
Roots 10 levels above you at all times
Extras in lightening

Also, next time please make your own thread in the druid subforum instead of derailing a thread

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