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Skenkee - New Introduction

Hello guys, long time no seen.

Since I have been very inactive I thought about doing a small new refreshment introduction.

After a long time I'm feeling like throwing myself into the game for another try. I believe Since I'm becoming pretty stuck when it comes to my leveling drive at times I think it's best to give it a fresh start.
I still popped by the forums every now and then and also heard about cross servers between ios and android. Couldn't figure out the release date tho.

But yea, I'm Dutch currently stationed in the UK rounding up my studies. (Film Production) Yea pretty interesting and fun, go study something you enjoy would my suggestion be.
Hobbies are gaming, kitesurfing, trying to learn how to wind surf and surf, winter sports, board games and hang out with friends in general. Want to try and do some airsoft as well when I move back to the Netherlands.
I'm very easy going and relaxe, also like to think that I'm helpfull. And a tendancy to forget things here and there.
I'm a casual player and dislike repetative things.

If there are any things you are interested to know don't be afraid to ask. :)

Also mall quick question.
- I'll be looking for a nice helpfull server / community. Not too toxic.
So if anyone has some suggestions please do share and then I'll see if it's worth a wait for the release of android servers.

Hope that's not too much to ask hehe.
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