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Howdy! :D

Howdy y'all! I'm Farstorm, the self-proclaimed king of the low levels. I've been playing (rather consistently) since the Halloween event of 2011, and I've been reading the forums for about a year and a half to two years. I was introduced to the world of RPG's through Heroscape, an amazing board game that allowed the players to make the map they played on. When I got my iPad, I discovered this game rather quickly and having been hooked for a while. However, I enjoy learning about the game mechanics more than actually setting my mind to leveling up a lot. I despise grinding for levels, so my highest toon is a level 70 Druid. I also have a level 50 rogue, a level 45 mage (my current main), and well over a dozen toons in the 20-40 range. I was waiting to reach level 100 before making an account, but since it is highly unlikely that this will happen, I decided to go ahead and make an account now. My goal is to continue learning about the game, while doing my best to suggest improvements to lower level gameplay. Hope to see y'all around the forums! :)
Stormgrove - Level 31 Druid
Farstorm - Level 25 Mage
Farstrike - Level 29 Rogue

Re: Howdy! :D

Welcome! :D
Clan: WolfGang
Chaz - Level 185+ Ranger - Full DL
Inferno19 - Level 127+ Mage
Sneakystrike - Level 195+ Rogue - Full DL
EpIcHeaLzz - Level 137+ Druid
Tankerzz - Level 127+ Warrior (PvP Beast: Invincible Veteran)

World: Mabon

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