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Goodie its my turn.

I began playing Celtic Heroes around mid June. I first made my character Rhiannon, a warrior I be exact, I levled up to 8 and then logged out. So I log back in and in te process click the server menu button, since I was a nooblet at the time I thought my character was deleted and I was beyond dissapointed.

So I go to the app review to check the most populated server and in one of the reviews I saw many people saying Crom was one of the most populated servers. So I creat a character on Crom named DARKNIGHT, I joined one of the 'old school power clan' (20+ at the time) called InfinityNite, which was very very fun, we were one of the first to kill avatar of donn which at the in our time was what some of you consider Aggorth to be :D . We all spent our time in the Donn room camping for drops of plate armor, which back then only the pros would wear, wearing that was like wearing glacial. So we all would hide inside of the wall in the room, back then their was a collision bug and of course everyone went inside to hide from the revs.

After that I left crimson rose and made my own clan. Eragon. At that time update two had been released and of course I was in my epic full set of Hammered RedClaw. I got kind of bored of the warrior so I decided to make a Mage, but because there seemed to be too many competition for Mage gear in Crom, I decided to pay Arawn a visit. Boy was that a mistake :lol:

I got lucky enough to get the name 'Wizard' in Arawn, I began my leveling my mage and was soon level 40+, I purchased many sigils for my Mage and the regen was so amazing I just decided to stay in Arawn. Then I got into a bit of trouble with a clan there called 'Juppongatana' which was the top clan in Arawn at the time. I guess it started when I got angry that a Mage stronger than I deliberately kept ksing me from skeletons (at that time skeletons in donn room were the only thing that gave 50+ xp, I guess like green wisps and red horses) it got to the point where I began ksing him not knowing he had 2 other even stronger accounts, he also had three devices meaning he could camp every room and I couldn't level lol.

So when after Shalemont and stonevale were introduced, Juppongatana broke a short while after. The core players formed a new clan called 'Serenity'. Serenity basically believed (in no way do I mean to insult the current serenity) that they should gear up their own players before anyone else, and since I had problems with some of their members in their previous clan, that didn't seem to help me get warden armor, so I decided to leave Arawn, and return to Crom. Wizard has 81 at that point.

So I return to Crom with DARKNIGHT, many people 80+ and I was still 56 the level I left Crom at. I 'ran across' the account SpiritHealer, which I adopted as my own ;) . I got my full warden had loads of fun leveling my Druid on Crom. Joined one of the best clans, HeadHunters. Had many fun expierences. I became more active on the forums, and met this little noob Druid you guys call 'Teaweasel' :D . He was kinda my other server rival, always argueing or contradicting me on the forums.

I decided to pay Arawn a visit since I knew Teaweasel was there. I than joined his clan Celts. Celts was very fun but later on ended up merging with ReignFire and so CelticReign was born. Few months later that cams to an end as well with everyone getting tired of CH and having to wait for update 3. Tea and many of the other leaders left and CelticReign fell appart. Celts was brought back. I decided Wizard had gotton boring and mages were just too weak. So I decided to make a Rogue. Krypto.

I made Krypto and had fun leveling him up , within 3 months I had my full warden with meteoric dagger. Upgrading to Zodiac is where the drama started. A clan named BadaBing was well known for hogging all of the red bosses and rushing as well as ksing them. Had a lot of probs with that clan.

Update 3 FINNALY was released. Unfortunately Tea didn't return to Celts when he came back though. With update 3 getting released I became really pumped and grinded non-stop, soon rising to become on of Arawns top rogue. At that time BadaBing became nicer and was willing to work more with other clans, including myself.

2 weeks after the release of update 3, I left Celts and joined BadaBing. I promised the Chief I wouldn't leave if I joined. Had loads of fun in there but around 2 weeks after that several members left to make a 'power clan named power' several BadaBing members left and I fallowed. So that didn't last but like I day, lol, and most when back to BadaBing, but because I ' conspired in taking down badabing' I was not allowed to rejoin, (which didn't make sense since 4 other people who left were allowed to rejoin, the people I fallowed....)

I broke a promise and was fine with the fact that i wasn't allowed to return, but the chieftain was hurt in the rear end and didn't even want to talk to me. I was clanless a few weeks and at that time was only concentrated in leveling. So I did that and looked at celts having very few leader ship. So me being a rogue an everything took a few members and created my own clan 'Excalibur' I deffinitly wasn't going to allow the same thing happen again where one clan hogs the bosses and allows no one else to upgrade, this time I was a bit more prepared.

So now Excalibur is the 3rd most poweful clan on the leaderboards in Arawn with only around 80 members. It's doing great and do like working with other clans. BadaBing has been playing well too and mix groups if more than one clan shows at a boss (of course some players in it still refuse to swallow their pride and won't group) but the majority has been doing an excellent Job. I'm now level 133 and have most my glacial set, all except my glacial dagger, have a good clan goin with great people.

Having fun playing the game, sooo did I best Savage at making a long post? Sorry I wrote from jun 2011 to August 2012 and even so left many things out :lol:

So long story short:

Name: Krypto
Server: Arawn
Level: 133 :) (typing this on iPhone at 12:14 am sooo grammar might not be the best.)

Re: SpiritHealer

Hi, my name is cantorix and i started playing in june. i started him as a druid. My first clan was chaos which was led by operator. then i got to stonevale farm and saw the totem trainer cantorix, boy i wished i didnt pick this name. well, i had a great time in chaos until we changed to a new clan called nebula in which operator is still the chief. we had a great time in nebula, always taking down bosses and ksing other clans. well, then we started to fall appart. some of our best clan mates left and joined another clan. then, i went to clan competition, stayed there for a day and then it was a fake clan lol. then, i was clanless and i got scammed well, the scammed part acted as a lesson to be smarter. if i can get a a in math i can get it on avoiding scamming so i took it as a blessing to make me feel better, than i saw masmar had its own website. i wanted to join that clan but i saw my name under awaiting formal apologies. after a while, i was too nervous to ask the chief if i could join, then i did and he said i can. then i wrote the aplology letter to the clan and im accepted in masmars. im even friends with the chief :D im having a great time in masmars and then operator joined masmars as well :) we took down so many bosses. but i had another problem. theres this annoying druid called springoflife who brags all day long in nebula until i taught him a lesson by stealing a kill. j wasnt a great teacher.....i was actally demonstrating my friends storms touch but it killled the connahct in one zap. then spring started swearing at me. now hes still a big problem. now i recently got the new skill" spring of life ". now im getting wards......

thats my story. now, whenever i group up with iWarriorHD, he says" oh look its cantorix the totem trainer". he doesnt do it now, so shhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Re: SpiritHealer

Nah mine's bigger... Story of ur life krypto :lol:
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Re: SpiritHealer

Nice post bro.

Long as hell but interesting to put it all in context from your POV...

It's good to have history.

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